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Aussie men defeat GB 3-0

Posted by devo on May 31, 2009

Great Britain 0 Australia 3  (19-25,21-25,20-25) ~ 30/05/09
Aus_GB-AdvGreat Britain were given a thorough test by Australia at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield as they began the final countdown to their European League campaign. Up against a towering Australian side, Harry  Brokking’s team competed for long spells in the match …

Australian head coach Russell Borgeaud said: “There’s no doubt the Great Britain team have improved from when we last played them three years ago. This was a tough workout for us and there were a few communication errors on our part which we need to work on for the next match. If you look at the set scores you might think it was a comfortable match but that was not the case.”

Captain Matthew Young added: “A few of us know some of their players from our club teams so there a bit of rivalry in the match. They will not be happy with the way they played and we expect them to come out fighting in the next match tomorrow.” more@BritishVolleyball – This link disappeared from the site for a while, but the Brits have it back up and working again.

UPDATE: In a second scrimmage match on the 29th, AUS defeated GBR University 3:1 (25-17, 26-24, 23-25, 25-16)

2 Responses to “Aussie men defeat GB 3-0”

  1. markleb said

    My one of life’s happy coincidences I found myself in the very Sheffield gym that this match was being played. I can’t say that I saw the British team play three years ago, but this match was fairly comfortable for Australia. Igor Yudin was the best for Australia with 20 points and played really well. Aden Tutton played some great defence and both Travis Passier and Aiden Zingel had some good moments in the middle. For GB, (very recently) ex-Canadian Jason Haldane played opposite but was well controlled by the Australian block.
    Oh, and Liam says hi.

    • Liam said

      Thanks for the shout out! Good to not have to be the only Aussie in attendance! Speak soon.

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