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Teams trying to lose World Champ Qualifiers??

Posted by edbinnie on May 29, 2009

Just saw this on the FIVB site.
While I can understand that Korea and Japan are both dominant teams, I wouldn’t have thought they were any tougher than China or Australia, especially when comparing competitions from 2007 and 2008 (Asian Champs, Olympic Qualifying, World Rankings).

Am I missing something? Given the volume of volleyball knowledge out there, thought someone might be able to shed light on this for me!

One Response to “Teams trying to lose World Champ Qualifiers??”

  1. markleb said

    It is not uncommon for teams to not go all out to win matches. To deliberately lose in the way they describe is less common, although not unprecedented even in big tournaments (eg 2004 Olympics).
    As for which is the tougher pool… that is for each team to decide. I agree that it would seem much of a muchness. I guess those teams think they have a better chance against China or Australia than Japan or Korea. Maybe they think they match up better against a particular team. Maybe they think the missing the Howard/Campbell/DeSalvo backbone makes Australia vulnerable :)

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