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Sam Boehm & Chris McHugh through qualifying

Posted by devo on May 28, 2009



Six of the top eight-ranked teams in the Qualification Tournament for this week’s US$190,000 Myslowice Open won as expected here Wednesday with Beach Volleyball tandems from Australia and the Czech Republic posting break-through advancements to secure Main Draw spots. The teams of Sam Boehm/Christopher McHugh of Australia and Petr Benes/Premysl Kubala of the Czech Republic eliminated the third- and sixth-seeded tandems from Spain and Germany, respectively, to secure berths in the “money” rounds of the inaugural SWATCH FIVB World Tour stop.

With a pair of wins … in the 45-team qualifier, the Australian … pair … will be vying for the $30,000 first-place prize at the fourth stop on the men’s 2009 SWATCH FIVB World Tour calendar.

After eliminating a team from Sweden in three sets, Boehm and McHugh advanced from a SWATCH qualifier for only the second-time in 10 attempts with a 21-17 and 24-22 win in 54 minutes over third-seeded Inocencio Lario and Raul Mesa of Spain, who had placed 13th in their previous two FIVB starts in Shanghai and Rome.

… the Australians have a combined age of 40 with only 12 SWATCH events together … more@fivb

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12 Responses to “Sam Boehm & Chris McHugh through qualifying”

  1. Croweater said

    Fantastic result for Chris and Sam, and as well as that Becchara Palmer and Heike Jensen qualified for the Main Draw in Korea. Its great to see that there is a future for Australian beach volleyball beyond Barnett/Cook and Schacht/Slack.

    Did anyone else notice that that’s four South Australians in the Main Draw! As great as this is for South Australia, how is it possible? Is no one else doing any serious Beach Volleyball development?

  2. 2old4this said

    I have never been a great Beach fan but have been following Palmer/Jensen on the FIVB website. They have really been doing well beating some of the top teams in the world. AND they are both very young…from what I see beach players tend to be a bit more mature when they peak so things are looking great for the future of beach.
    Now I see the boys are doing well also I’ll have to follow them as well.
    Whether you are a beach fan or not it is always good to see young Aussies doing well on the international scene.
    Well done to the beach volleyball program for such success.

  3. mark said

    Sam boehm you are my hero!

  4. markleb said

    The tournament is just up the road from me, so I saw Sam and Chris play their first qualifying game. They did a really great job and played tough in the important moments. Seeing the score of the second match they match have done the same thing there. I’m off to watch their first main draw game. I’ll comment later.

    • Eldo said

      Sam Boehm,Heathfield High School
      Heike Jensen, Heathfield High School

      How proud can we be?

      • Min said

        Chritopher McHugh
        Henley Hawks volleyball club

        becc Palmer
        Henley Hawks volleyball club

        No volleyball school for these two – hard work, potential, belief and fantastic club support

        Go The Mighty Hawks

        • Min said

          The best thing of all

          Sam, Chris,Heike and Becc are lovely kids ( oops I’m in trouble now) great ambassadors for the sport and terrific role models for our youngervolleyballers

    • devo said

      Looking forward to it.

  5. markleb said

    So with the sun breaking through, I felt pumped for a big day at the ‘beach’, so I drove up to Myslowice for the first day of the main draw. Sam and Chris had a 30th seed, so matched up against 3rd seeds Reckerman/Brink from Germany. They came out like a house on fire and with two early blocks and an ace by Chris they took an early lead and held it for the first two changes of ends. The Germans coach told me that it was quite typical that a qualifying team who had already played a couple of matches catch better teams on the hop in their first match. I thought our guys were just too good. It turns out he was right and I was wrong. The Germans eventually caught up, took a lead and then powered on. The second set was pretty fast and better forgotten.
    I had enjoyed watching the guys play so decided to stick around for the losers bracket game. I’m glad I did. They played against the Argentinian number 1 team with one ex World Champion but that didn’t seem to matter. Sam started with two aces. Chris got a block. And from then on it was almost as if the Argentinians knew it wasn’t their day. From the beginning of the match until 18-12 in the second the guys sided out with 100% efficiency. Only with the victory tape within reach did they blink for a second but just for a second. And I can say that I saw Boehm/McHugh’s first World Tour win. It was really fun.
    Now if they could get rid of the endless banality of the main court announcer who never shuts up, and never goes below 100 decibels it would be fantastic. 4000 screaming Greeks are much less distracting and annoying.
    I’ll be back tomorrow for the next win.

  6. Jase said

    Absolutely fantastic work by the guys,
    after training with the guys occassionally and seeing how hard they work on the sand and in the gym, and how dedicated they are, its just great to see them get the results, especially against some really experienced teams.
    keep it up boys

  7. markleb said

    Took the drive again today, this time in the pouring rain. It’s one thing to drive to the beach in the rain but to drive 50kms to hang out in a carpark in the rain? Okay, maybe that’s the wrong attitude, but anyway.
    Today’s match was against an Austrian pair who had pushed the famous Ricardo-Emanuel the day before. Even though the rain had cleared up it was still overcast and cold throughout the match. Unfortunately that was the most positive thing about the first set. The guys were nervous and made way too many errors. The second was much better. They got into a better sideout rhythm and got a breakpoint on a great transition play to lead 16-14. Unfortunately at that moment they got a bit nervous and the lead didn’t last long. In the end I think they showed they could compete with more experienced teams and with more work will soon be winning those matches.
    It was a lot of fun to watch them. Hopefully I’ll see them (and some other Australians) again soon. Maybe I’ll go to England tomorrow…

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