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VTAM touring team

Posted by devo on May 19, 2009

Volleyball Australia reports that Volleyball Team Australia Men have left on a five week tour of Slovakia, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden and Denmark. The athletes who have been selected for the first tour of the 2009 international season are: ~ more@VolleyballAustralia

  • Shane Alexander (QLD)
  • Thomas Bawden (VIC)
  • Paul Carroll (NSW)
  • Thomas Edgar (QLD)
  • John Dekker (QLD)
  • Andrew Grant (QLD)
  • Travis Passier (QLD)
  • Nathan Roberts (SA)
  • William Thwaite (QLD)
  • Aden Tutton (SA)
  • Mathew Young (QLD) – captain
  • Igor Yudin (VIC)
  • Aidan Zingel (NSW) – debutant
  • Head Coach:Russell Borgeaud (QLD)
  • Assistant Coach: Andrew Strugnell (ACT)
  • Physiotherapists: Andrew Hughes (NSW) & Damian Oldmeadow (WA)
  • Statistician: Andre Borgeaud (QLD)

9 Responses to “VTAM touring team”

  1. Baron Von Marlon said

    Sorry, I may have missed something along the way, why isn’t Phil on the tour, nor in the national team list on the AVF website?

    • devo said


      • edbinnie said

        serious devo?
        although there aren’t any liberos on the National Team website – I thought this just natural AVF website work, especially given that we’ll be able to 2 liberos on our lineup from now on (according to the new rules)

        • Big Ren said

          Cam Blewett trialled and was not taken as the second libero so Tutton will be travelling as the sole libero

  2. Big Ren said

    Solid touring team, wish you boys the best of luck and hopefully will get to see you when you come to Canada……. even if it is a 21 hour drive away now.

  3. Robbo said

    Thats a solid lineup from QLD. How many of those boys played in 21’s down in Melbourne last year? (some of the shots i took of those guys playing last year were crazy…)

  4. Big Fan said

    Good luck to the guys heading away for the tour.
    but have to say, are they serious taking the coaches son as stats man? I have no doubt there are a good number of coaches around Australia at many level that would love the oppertunity to travel and work with the national team for 5 weeks. I’m sorry but I’m stunned.
    Please, any thoughts?

    • Chief said

      Their is a very limited number of people that know how to use the AIS stats program besides Steve Benson and Dan Illott. The AIS program was lucky enough for Andre to give up his time when he was studying and training in Sweden to learn the stats package during a AIS Europe tour, he would be the person who knows the program best after Dan and Steve, having now done two previous AIS tours as the stats man and he is certainly someone i would take on tour to do stats if the other two were not available.

  5. Newb said

    People always find something to bitch about don’t they

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