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Bea helps out

Posted by devo on May 14, 2009

She’s played in the Sydney Olympics and for four years as a professional in Europe. Now she’s enjoying a stint in Warrnambool. Bea Daly, a 28-year-old South Australian, has added her wealth of elite level experience to the Warrnambool women’s volleyball team.

Daly (is on) a six-week placement as a physiotherapist with South West Healthcare’s Warrnambool hospital. Her struggle to find accommodation was solved by the local volleyball club and in return Daly pulled on the Warrnambool colours. “There’s a great bunch of girls in the club. It’s nice to fit into a team like that,” she said. “I’m helping out where I can. more@standard

As a country coach, I know how valuable getting someone like Bea is to a program. It doesn’t happen that much out here in the sticks. Good on her for putting in the effort.

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  1. Jason said

    Wouldn’t it be great if Melbourne news papers covered volleyball as well as the Warrnambool Standard does!

  2. devo said

    Just one of the many advantages of living in the country!

  3. Alan Cahill said

    A starting point should be that the State League results are part of the Weekend Sports Scores in the Herald Sun every Monday morning.

    I am over reading the Pigeon Racing results and not the Volleyball results!!

    • Robbo said

      yeah i don’t know why i do it, but every now and then i look in the sports section thinking “hmm maybe it will be there this time…”

  4. markleb said

    It’s just a pity country towns never get to host National Junior Tournaments anymore…

  5. Eldo said

    Absolutely with you on that one Mark.

    All the age groups were merged in the 80’s to pull in the big sponsor.
    That idea did not work, did it.

    Currently there is no economy of scale as the costs have still blown out.

    I suggested at an AVF meeting 2 years the following.

    Split into the age groups again.
    You could also go division 1 under 17’s to Bendigo
    Division 2 and Div 3 Under 17’s to Whyalla
    Under 19’s to Newcastle.

    Under 21’s, – Do we really need and under 21’s?

    I know you would get more money from local sponsors, more media and more flow on from the event being in a regional centre.

    The benfits the sport get from national juniors in Sydney, Brisbane or Melboune are just not there.

    We are a small sport of many and we are talking about junior sport on top of that.
    A pimple on Ben Cousin’s bottom will get more media that national juniors in Melbourne.

    Media coverage in a regional centre will always win.

    Albury under 15’s is a case in point.


    • Alexis said

      sold! how does it get done?

      • Eldo said

        I think there is a groundswell of support for this change of attack.

        But remember every Volleyball office in the land is under time pressure.
        Change means more work
        Change could also mean better outcomes
        but still more work.

        The change facilitator has got to come from outside the offices.

        Why is the ASC the best event on the calendar?

        ANSWER: You have fanatics runing it from a commission
        Do we have a NAT JUNIORS commission?
        That is why you get the same deal fed up each year and you will get the same deal next year and the nexy year.
        The only change is that the referees will costeven more and the kids will also pay more.

        The AVF agm agreed to a sensible change to the National Juniors structure when the AGM was in ADELAIDE a couple of years ago.

        The states, the Commissions, the AVF board agreed, then the State ED’S at a meeting 5 weeks later said no.

        Right then the power base of Australian volleyball changed from the participants having the power to the paid staff and, without commissions with passionate people on them the we are stuffed.

        I have been on an AVF commission for 20 years and it is fun and you can get changes.
        Nominate 5 people and ask to form a national juniors champs commission and we can get started.

        Personally I have been involved in the national under 16’s for years
        coaches have the say
        Great, smart, challenging opposition coaches
        Kids referee
        A great spirit of cooperation from all concerned

        No inexperieced try hard coaches making out it is the Olympics

        and I geta meal allowance (My only finacial collect ever from volleyball)

        • markleb said

          Actually number one on my list of 20 or so reasons to split juniors is the time savings for state offices. The logistics of organising 15 people are considerably easier than 100+ and each team can be run by a volunteer manager or coach (or player).
          And Eldo, I’m old enough to recall the days you worked full time for volleyball :)

  6. Sam said

    Why wouldn’t you have under 21’s?

    • Eldo said

      I am not convinced I am right here but I think states struggle to field their best teams in under 21’s.

      Under 16’s Parents pay willingly
      Under 17’s Parents pay nearly willingly
      Under 19’s parents MAY pay but reluctantly
      Under 21’s PLAYERS pay and have to decide between 1 week of great but expensive volleyball
      or a car or clothes, or holiday or AVL etc. etc,

      Under 16,and 17 and possibly 19’s you nearly always have the best of the best playing each other in sate teams.
      Under 21’s is that still the case???

      A good under 21 is playing AVL by now.
      Most of my best kids played AVL in preference to AVL.

      In most comps I would back under 19’s to beat the 21’s – especially in the girls.
      (Sometimes there are clear exceptions – I am talking generally here)

      • edbinnie said

        Hi Eldo, I would have to say I tend to agree with you in terms of U21s for the women’s, as much as it pains me to say it. The WAVL is chock full of U21s and U19s, and I know that most would choose WAVL – the training environments and committments are better there (and the cost is comparitively the same).
        I don’t know that I agree with Men’s – as recently as 2006, I’d say that AJVC was better than AVL. With the likes of Yudin, Blewitt, Sanderson, Bawden for Vic, Carroll for NSW, Roberts and Tutton for SA, Thorpe for TAS, Alexander for QLD, and Goldsbrough-Reardon for ACT, not to mention a very strong NZ touring team (and a pretty solid support cast in every single state).
        2005 and 2007 were fine years too – I remember refereeing a few men’s 21s games, and more of those games were at a higher standard than what we saw at the National Club Challenge in 2007

  7. markleb said

    I’m completely with Eldo on this one, particularly about the lack of economies of scale in the current setup.
    The whole discussion about costs for National Juniors didn’t consider this possibility. Honestly, I can think of about 20 good reasons to split National Juniors up again concerning costs, promotion of volleyball, quality of competition, organisation, logistics, referees etc. Actually now that I start it must be more than 20. On the other hand, I can think of one to keep them together, to have a volleyball festival, which I don’t think is valid given that NSC fulfils that.
    Specifically about U21’s, back in day it was the most prestigious of the junior tournaments for the players themselves. Certainly times have changed and Eldo may well be right but I’m convinced that splitting the tournaments would decrease costs to a level to make it more viable and hence more attractive. The other consideration is that split tournaments would allow the best from lower age groups to play U21’s, thus raising the level of competition.

  8. hugh29 said

    Firstly, it’s kind of cool that Bea is suiting up for Warrnambool. She’s an awesome player and just a one of the most terrific people you’ll meet in volleyball.

    I do agree that you rarely getting the best 21s playing each other. When we I played u21s, we’d lose to our u19s team in scrimmages at least as many times as we won.

    There’s always the returning Australian rep players that makes the equation more interesting. Is there a point to U21s? Like what eldo is saying, good players should be playing AVL by this age (which is becoming very close to the old state seniors format in womens).

    sports like footy don’t have u21 teams, because by that stage you’re supposed to be cracking it into the elite comps.

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