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Aussie girls continue to win

Posted by devo on May 12, 2009

Today at the Arafura Games in Darwin the Australian Junior Women defeated South Adelaide 3-0 (25:17, 25:17, 25:16)

Best Players: Kwok & Schulz ~ match description

UPDATE: Australian Junior Women defeated Australian Defence Organisation 3-0 (25:22, 25:14, 25:2o)

Best Players: McEwen, Sadler & Judd ~ match description

4 Responses to “Aussie girls continue to win”

  1. Robbo said

    I’m guessing that is meant to be South Aus not South Adelaide ;)

    But great work girls, keep it up! They’ve played everyone now. Its time for the second round of games, hopefully they can keep it up! and then finals on Fri and Sat

  2. hugh29 said

    It’s south adelaide. with maybe one of their league team’s starters. mainly a reserves standard team. tournament is a bit “cost prohibitive”

  3. Murph said

    Def South Adelaide, missing some league players as Huy said. But replacing them with league players from other clubs too.

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