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Rachel Rourke in off season form

Posted by devo on May 11, 2009

Senior Rachel Rourke (Queensland, Australia) … led the Beaver attack with 15 kills … in Saturday’s Spring Match against Western Oregon. Oregon State took all four sets in scores of 25-13, 25-13, 25-13, 15-11. Rourke added three service aces to lead all Oregon State players with 19.0 total points. more@OSUBeavers

8 Responses to “Rachel Rourke in off season form”

  1. Ross said

    Interesting that Western Oregon is coached by the former Australian Olympic and VTAW coach Brad Saindon

  2. Sharon said

    Go Rachel Rourke – What an asset! And just to prove how important women’s volleyball should be in Australia – we’ve got great girls playing all over the world earning great accolades! Let’s have more support from Australians for Australians!

  3. Alexis said

    In defence of Western Oregon, it is a pretty good Division II school. Oregon State is a reasonably good Division I school. It would be like the full strength men’s national team playing the winner of AVL (and please no one try to tell me that would be close). Spring competitions are just practice games as the Seniors leave after Fall season and the new Freshmen haven’t started yet. This match would have been organised based on the relationship between Brad and Mark Barnard (Associate HC at Oregon State).

  4. Sally B said

    Wasn’t Brad the Assistant Coach of the USA Mens team for a while there as well!!

    • Alexis said

      Yep – last few years at Arizona State too. ASU is now coached by Australian Jason Watson, in yet another example of a ‘small world’.

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