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Brad off to Thailand

Posted by devo on May 11, 2009

At only 14-years-old Brad Millers is a towering six foot six inches tall and an imposing figure on the volleyball court. Luckily the teenager has the skills to match and has just been named in the Australian Volleyball Federation youth team. The team will head off next week to Thailand where Australia sends a team annually to compete and take part in a ten-day camp.

Although it has been a fast rise for the Gladstone teenager, it has required a lot of commitment, self-motivation and effort. There just isn’t the competition that there is in Brisbane and other big centres, he said. Millers has been training with the Gladstone men’s side, as well receiving training from the Queensland Association of Sport. Millers said it does take a lot of effort and sometimes getting that motivation is hard, but worth it. There is also a lot of travelling involved with the team and getting the competition needed to get to that level and it can be really draining, he said. With international travel now added it will also be a big financial commitment for him and his family. If any person or organisation thinks they may be in the position to sponsor Brad they can email dlkmill(at) more@TheObserver

6 Responses to “Brad off to Thailand”

  1. Robbo said

    Facebook status’s have told me that at least 3 guys in Vic from the Aus Youth Team are heading over to Thailand today… I’m guessing this is for this camp?

    I have looked through the AVF website but managed to find no information regarding any trips overseas. Am i not looking hard enough?

  2. Nic said

    no you aren’t looking hard enough, haha, here is some information on it on the avf website

  3. Nic said

    haha, sorry about that, dodgy links, yer, probly should have just told you the page number :P

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