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Is volleyball losing its best?

Posted by devo on May 8, 2009

An interesting post over at Huy’s Volleyball. It relates to his club, SA volleyball, and perhaps to volleyball in general. Read the full post at Huy’s Volleyball.

My club is not well. After years of our own self-destructiveness and the small-minded self-interest of external influences, we’re in the worst shape I’ve seen for at least 9 years … There are some great people still involved with the sport, but there are at least as many others who at some point were passionate about the game, and incredibly capable, who can no longer be bothered being involved. Some will plainly tell you that being involved with volleyball is simply not an enjoyable way to spend their spare time. Others will tell you they have too much else on. All of these people would make the time if volleyball wasn’t such a head####, and if they did, things would be a whole lot better.

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