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Poll results – costs of AJVC

Posted by devo on May 4, 2009

These polls are problematic. 81 respondents is a good number, but I have no way of knowing which states they represent; or whether they are from a valid cross section of the volleyball community. However, there are two points that I want to draw out.

79% of repondents believe that the fees are too high for those representing their states at Junior Nationals. If the fees are justified; then the states need to do more to educate their players and their parents on the costs involved, and what needs to be done to lower the costs.

What is most alarming is that 19% of respondents – 15 players –  report that the fees have stopped a player representing their state. Even those who think the fees are fair, struggle to pay them. If the States cannot lower the fees for everyone, they must a least institute proceedures that ensure that no player misses out due to costs. If they can’t find sponsorship for the whole program, they must at least address social justice issues. There must be philanthropic or government agencies that can be approached.

Yes. We must find ways to lower them. 49 60%
Yes. It stops me (my child) playing for my state. 15 19%
No. The fees are fair. But I struggle to pay them. 9 11%
No. The fees are fair. 8 10%

6 Responses to “Poll results – costs of AJVC”

  1. Sally B said

    Are the players that are not travelling due to extreme costs the top players for that State!!!

    If we only had 1 team per age division would the costs come down…Are we creating these extra costs by entering extra teams and thus you need extra court space as well as extra referees and thus extra everything!!! extra accommodation; extra mini buses etc

    Ask any athlete these days that has fought for a top 10 or 12 position whether it was worth the effort to be in the best team…rather than being player 13 to 36!!!

    Team numbers would be as follows:

    6 VIC
    6 ACT
    6 QLD
    6 NSW
    6 WA
    6 SA
    2 NT
    3 TAS
    approx 40 teams

    compared to 50 to 60 teams

    If the team numbers were smaller then the costs should be less…Maybe the state associations would be able to afford to bear some of the entry costs..

    Of course the old argument will come up again about players participation / development etc etc I guess that is what National camps are for – future player development…

    • Jon said

      Sadly, Sally’s logic does not work for reducing the costs to junior players. The costs are built around team units, so it doesn’t really cost much more to send 6 or 12 teams.

      The real issue here is that U/21’s at AJVC would be dead within a few years once we stop getting enough U/17 and U/19 juniors coming through the ranks. We simply don’t get enough new players coming into the U/21 age group, particularly girls.

      The costs are comparable to most other sports. I have two teenage daughters, so I have some experience in this. The value of the volleyball experience is second to none.

  2. 2old4this said

    The sad reality is that all the activities that our kids do these days costs money. I know how expensive volleyball is…at one stage ( many years ago)I had one in 21’s, one in 19’s, one in 17’s and one in under 15’s…..and two of these were playing in School Sport 16’s. It certainly was a shock to the hip pocket. None of them went on to be elite volleyballers ( though as a parent they were awesome to me!) but we paid for a wonderful childhood experience for them. Just the same way as we paid for their music lessons as they were growing up ( now if you think volleyball is expensive!)… and for their school camps …and for the soccer tournaments, basketball tournaments, hockey tournaments….and so on ( all about the same costs as volleyball). You know what?…I would pay it all again. I have no brilliant musicians nor Olympic athletes but I have some well rounded young adults who know about teamwork, social behaviours, healthy lifestyles, people who volunteer their time for nothing but the pride in seeing kids improving….yes Sally…you are is a priceless experience.

    What we really need is help for those children who dont have the opportunities that the majority of our children have. Maybe some of the states could have a small fund to assist parents who dont have the means for their children to participate.
    From the costs outlined on this site I really dont think the costs of National Juniors has gone up markedly in the last 15 years.
    In a perfect world AJVC would be free to those selected but this is not the case and I pretty sure nothing will change in the near future.

    • devo said

      I’m with you 2old4this. Couldn’t agree more.

    • Robbo said

      Well done on bringing up 4 kids through the program and giving them the opportunity!! I know i’ll be wanting to do the same when i have kids (might be a little while off ;) )

  3. hugh29 said

    When i played back in 2001 and 2002 against Devo’s eldest (which now seems an age away), it cost SA players about 1,000 to go to Vic and 2,000 the year after to go to NSW. i’m pretty sure that covered just about everything. I didn’t become a great player (and at best an average coach), but it was certainly one of the most priceless experiences well worth paying for (i was able to save up for most of it while in Uni).

    I think SA has always been a bit cheaper because they have other revenue streams that “subsidise” the trip, eg social comps and the beach centres. It may have been a myth, but i heard that one year south australians paid less than victorians to play in victoria!

    It’s interesting that sally observation suggests having more teams doesn’t lead to economies of scale. it would make sense since most venues could probably only cater for so many teams before an extra under-utilised venue has to be added. then of course we have to make extra considerations, and then you hear “well ___ is paying $_,___.__ per player and travelling ____ km to be here” so we have to make sure they have enough games to make it worthwhile. more games, means more court hire, officials etc and it just keeps getting bigger.

    As a coach, I really feel for the parents who pay for this. it wasn’t like this when i played juniors. or at least the experience of paying for academy fees/school volleyball/state/club was limited to a lot less players. It’s when they get selected for the national youth/jr/avl teams that it seems to get REALLY expensive.

    I’ve started to save up for this “worst case scenario” for my unborn children. Other sports are more expensive. If you can, breathe a sigh of relief that your kids aren’t into dancing… shoes, costumes, lessons, etc!

    the real number i would love to find out is how much people pay for AVSC! it’s conveniently close for SA schools (far enough to be an adventure, close enough to be affordable) but for WA and QLD i can only imagine crossing 2 state borders to be a bit more problematic.

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