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volleyball is different over here – part 2 : the fans

Posted by markleb on April 26, 2009

I wanted to upload a couple of short videos of the Iraklis fans at the Champions League Final Four but didn’t know how to.  Now I do.

The first two clips are from the Final Four.  The second two clips (courtesy of Adam Maskell) are from my old team in Vibo Valentia.  Not so many people but at least as passionate and no less noisy.

Iraklis fans just singing…

Iraklis fans were so dangerous they needed 100 Darth Vader’s to keep the peace.  Note the one with the video camera at the end of the clip.

I’ve heard it is unsportsmanlike to whistle a server as he is getting ready to serve.  Vibo fans haven’t.

And when you win, all hell breaks lose

10 Responses to “volleyball is different over here – part 2 : the fans”

  1. Caveman said

    As a former referee I would have made the server wait till the crowd was “reasonably” quiet at the very least.
    As for the security guards well… that just goes with the type of protestors whoops I meant supporters that teams can get.
    Australia might be very saddate but I am very sure I would prefer it instead of that RIOT !
    In closing I would say that all those supporters fit perfectly with the decription of being a “fan” (and remember the word “fan” is short for “Fanatic” !

    • devo said

      Having just returned from Europe I can tell you that you’d be still waiting after Hell had frozen over and the fans would still not be “reasonably” quiet. Service is very noisy. Most of it coming from the serving teams supporters. It doesn’t seem to bother the players. It adds to the atmosphere. Bring it on.

    • markleb said

      Devo is right. You would still be waiting for the spectators to be quiet. And if you are thinking about it as a referee I won’t put up any video of what the crowd does when the referee makes a mistake! Or when they think the referee makes a mistake.
      The Iraklis (and other Greek) fans are obviously over the top.
      Devo is right (again). It adds a lot to the atmosphere, and the pressure, and the pleasure. It is also why in my mind club volleyball is much better to watch than international volleyball.
      Devo is wrong (I think) about the noise not affecting the players. I can remember the actual serve from the video above. The player is one of the best players in the world and he never looked comfortable going back there directly in front of our fans. And as you can see his serve barely made it half way up the net.

  2. Whosin said

    That’s quite funny. At VVL State League some players were complaining about people who had some music playing in the background and it wasn’t even that loud!!

  3. Alexis said

    I was at a Division II women’s college game in the States last year and every time one particular server (19 year old girl) went back the entire band tried to put her off (yes, there was a band there), including the band leader getting in her eye line and jumping and screaming. Eventually the home team got a card for it and the band settled down, but most of the people there couldn’t understand why, considering it just ‘normal behaviour for a home crowd’.

    • devo said

      There is a difference between noise / enthusiasm and down right bad sportsmanship. We need more of the first here in Aus. Can you imagine the umpire asking the Collinwood cheer squad to be quiet as Andrew McLeod lined up for goal? I just felt more involved watching games in Europe than I ever do here.

  4. Ben Hardy said

    Vibo used to be over the top. The air-raid siren should be banned as you are serving,its beyond what any normal person would consider sportsmanship. I had the experience in Vibo of several people being directly behind you using hand held half time sirens as you are about to serve. Missing the serve is not the problem. Having it so loud that you can’t actually hear anything for me is the problem. I would like to keep my hearing. I have experienced this also with just the crowd cheering,this I would call atmosphere, acceptable and enjoyable, however the sirens used inappropriately i would say is poor sportsmanship. Especially indoors in a small gym where the people are close like Vibo.

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