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World Champs – Oceania results

Posted by devo on April 25, 2009

Samoa put up a big upset on the last day of the World Championship Asian men’s preliminary round here on Friday by snatching a dramatic victory over the hot favourite New Zealand while Tonga clinched their second win over Fiji in straight sets to advance to the second round. The unexpected results created a three-way tie in the standings of Asian Pool A. … Tonga emerged as the winners of the 2010 World Championship Asian Round Pool A and New Zealand placed second. New Zealand and Samoa were unfortunately eliminated from the next round. Fiji placed last with three defeats. more@fivb ~ results page

In the women’s tournament, New Zealand led the standings with six points from three wins and no defeats, Fiji placed second with five points from two wins and one defeat, Samoa earned four points from a win-loss record of 1-2, finishing third, while Tonga suffered three defeats, placing last with three points. According to the regulations, the top two winners of Asian Pool A are to enter the second round. more@fivb ~ results page

One Response to “World Champs – Oceania results”

  1. Frank said

    Hey all,

    What an absolute amazing shock.

    New Zealand lost to Samoa, who to Samoa’s credit fought hard on defence to beat New Zealand.
    The crowd was prodominately Samoan, I’m Samoan, so I’m happy in one sense, happy to throw a few cheers to the underdog.
    But I know how hard New Zealand have worked to make a difference for Volleyball in the country … And I wanted them to make a difference.

    Samoa was unpredictable, when playing against Tonga the other night, they only played with two attacks, the outside and the weakside for most of the game.
    And again, they did the same to New Zealand. I was thinking “when are they going to attack the middle game? The passes aren’t too bad?”
    All of a sudden in the third and the forth, more middle plays were randomnly appearing. The crowd really spurred Samoa through to get to the Fifth.

    And we all know what a lottery the Fifth Set is.
    Maybe part of the moral of this defeat is perhaps get the crowd on your side, you might just find you can play alot better. Also it definitely helps to be unpredictable.
    Well done to Samoa & to Tonga for getting through.
    But I can’t wait till New Zealand Men’s can finally get thier day in the sun.


    PS: Don’t you hate losing being a head 2 sets to nil?

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