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Tom’s word good

Posted by devo on April 18, 2009

A few weeks back there was some spirited discussion here on devo’s volleyball about player selection for teams in the Victorian State League qualifying tournament. Aussie international Tom Bawden played for SCF, and some people questioned whether this was right; that he would play honours in the rest of the season. Tom said,  ” I look forward to playing for SCF when I can during the year.” Tom said he would not qualify for the honours team as he could not commit to training here in Victoria. Tom was good to his word and shirted up for the div 1 team in State League today. I am told that the honours team, intent on development, played a young team.

5 Responses to “Tom’s word good”

  1. Paterico said

    I really enjoyed playing with Tom today. He has been very much a club player as he has also been at training these past couple of weeks. I’m sure sure the young players and even one older one got some inspiration today. Thanks Tom. Good luck in Canberra!

  2. Tom Bawden said

    Much appreciated Pat. I always enjoy playing for SCF! Hoping the young guys keep working hard during the season after the great start for honours and div 1 today. Good work fellas and thanks alot for having me!


  3. Volleyball Athlete said

    It was great to see Tom there. Having played against him, I (and most of my team mates) cherish the opportunity to play against such a high quality player and hope that we get more chances to in the future.

  4. ??????? said


    Tom is not eligable to play in honours for the first 3 rounds as he played in the qualifying tournament.

    Let’s see when this period is over what happens ?????

  5. Dinosaur said

    He will only play in Div 1 as SC painted themselves into a bit of a corner with all their statements when the topic was hot last month. This is a way of saving face after they did what they had to do (Very dodgy, but I would probably do it if if helped my club) and qualify for Div 1 at the state league playoffs.

    It is an easy decision for him/the club not to play Tom in honours as THEY DONT have a championship winning teamthat he can bolster. So they might as well play young guys and on the off chance he is around play Div 1.

    Strategically/Politically SC got through this little scenario as well as they could have hoped!

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