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Is this the future of Volleyball Victoria?

Posted by devo on March 16, 2009

My name is Alan Cahill and, as we are all part of the Volleyball community, I am hoping that all of you know me and my background in Volleyball. Although most of you would have seen me across the other side of the net as a competitor,I send you this email as a passionate Volleyball person concerned about the current state of Volleyball in Victoria.

The background of this email stems from ongoing discussion by some of our peers in the Melbourne Volleyball Community who are deeply concerned about the future of our sport and in particular the long term survival of the Melbourne based Clubs and the Regional Associations. With my background in Corporate Management combined with my years of experience involved in our sport I was asked to draft a Strategic Plan on how to restructure and lift the profile of Volleyball Victoria and importantly,the sport. I have altered the plan from people who have read the document and have taken the time to give me constructive feedback.

I have attached my strategic-plan for your reference. The plan is based on Melbourne clubs and Regional Associations building participation through recruitment zones and competitions with the support of a restructured Volleyball Victoria. Melbourne based Clubs will have the support of a full-time Club Development Manager working with a Technical Director and an Events/Sponsorship Manager building Club based competitions.The plan is about increased participation and giving Clubs financial cash flow from that participation. The Regional Associations will have a replicated model with the support of the Regional Development Manager doing the same role as the Club Development Manager in Melbourne.

We need to make our sport more accessible and more affordable, in particular for our juniors to play. Sport has always been a competitive market and in the current climate it is even more so. We need to increase our participation levels and offset the costs over those participants. Passionate people who, on a part time basis, are running Clubs and Regional Associations need strong support from Volleyball Victoria. My plan offers models that we can replicate and through strong communication and a sense of community we can all benefit from.

I am offering not just the Strategic Plan but also my expertise on a full-time basis to lead the implementation of it.Volleyball in this state needs a passionate volleyball person who is committed to utilising and galvanizing the expertise we have out there in the Volleyball community. I do know that we all want our sport to prosper and have a rich profile that it deserves.Please feel free to share this with your Committee and anyone who you believe can give feedback that could assist.A document of this nature and the potential change it brings will draw discussion andI welcome and encourage it. 

We need Consultation,Communication and Co-operation from a focused Volleyball Victoria if we are to be successful in ensuring we have a viable future for our sport.  

I look forward to your input and support.
Alan Cahill __  volleyball-victoria-a-strategic-plan

7 Responses to “Is this the future of Volleyball Victoria?”

  1. Sam said

    Alan, your ideas and your vision for VVI are really exciting (especially your target fees for state league). All strength to you in implementing your strategy.

  2. Volleyball Athlete said

    This vision seems like something that could really help our sport. Especially getting more regional involvement in volleyball.
    Good job Alan. I hope this plan can be implemented!

  3. Caveman said

    I have been around Victorian Volleyball for a long while now and there two points that I would like to talk about.
    1. Dividing Melbourne metro up between the various state league clubs has been attempted to be done before and for some reason or another it never fully eventuated.
    2. None of this will be possible with currently with VVI as it is today, especially with the current team at the helm, ie the board and its ED especially !

    There are people who love Volleyball and then there are people who love power over volleyball. Whilst we are governed the way we currently are NOTHING will happen !

    Victoria is the leper of the Commonwealth of Australia as far as volleyball is concerned at the moment, not using the National Ball is only one example… which puts our current state teams at a disadvantage, as well as our state teams of the future.

    I hope Allan that “something” could be done, but under the current regime I don’t think so mate.

    • whoisin said

      Is it true or is it rumor that the current ‘ED’ is retiring come later on this year? Will this possibly have an impact on the way things may move forward?

      • Anon said

        there is more than a strong whiff of truth to that rumor

        • Robbo said

          hmmm i spoke to someone from VV last week and they flat out denied the rumour….

          the rumour is definitely getting around though… makes it feel like there’s some truth to it.

  4. Bob said

    I really hope the rumour has some truth about it! It would be great!

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