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How to get the setter to set you

Posted by devo on March 12, 2009

Sometimes you just have to get the setter to notice that he hasn’t set you for a while. Even if you are teammates on the French national team. ~~ Thanks to Markleb for the link

6 Responses to “How to get the setter to set you”

  1. nathan said

    hahaha the guy serving served 5 aces against my team last match! He has a bloody good float serve so I feel a little sorry for the reciever, still pretty darn funny though.

  2. Alexis said

    Best way to get the setter to set to you? Hit kills all the time………

  3. Caveman said

    I don’t get it ??
    How do you equate the video with “How to get the setter to set to you ?”
    I must be slow…. probably why I’m called “Caveman”.

    • Jase Pallant said

      I think Devo was making a joke that the passer headbutted it at the setter (and got him fairly well mind you) deliberately because the setter wasn’t setting him enough.

    • devo said

      I thought I was being very funny ;-)))

  4. Big Ren said

    If i was the setter i would be pissed thats for sure!!

    A story that has been told here of the current Saskatchewan University coach (a CIS University setter in his time). Is that during a CIS game his passers had shanked the last five balls for aces, then when they finally passed a perfect ball….. he jumped up caught it and said “Now pass it like that every f***ing time” Then proceeded to turn and throw the ball back to the oppositions server.

    Thats how you get the attention of your passers on the team. This coach is a huge ass by the way so it wasn’t done in good spirit. Just another way of grabbing attention

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