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New Poll

Posted by devo on March 8, 2009

UPDATED: Initially Mikasa went out to a strong lead, (was someone “loading” the results?) but as the days went by, Molten pulled back the count. But in the end it was Mikasa with 48% of the votes that won from Molten at 40%. The other brands weren’t in the contest. See results.

Originally posted March 3:
So which volleyball brand do you prefer to play with? Let us all know by voting in the poll in the left side panel. If there is a ball that you like that is not listed, contact me via the Contact Devo page at the top of the blog, and I’ll add it for you.

24 Responses to “New Poll”

  1. jaog said

    i would go for Wilson because i use it for everything so yer
    my site is
    plz check it out

  2. markleb said

    There’s no spot for the 1997 white, leather Mikasa!

    • devo said

      White is so passé, so 70’s. ;-))))
      Sorry, but if we list every model …
      You’ll just have to content yourself with the comments section to nominate your fave ball, or most hated ball.

      • markleb said

        Watching old videos with a white ball is SOOOO weird!!!
        The worst ball of all time, was the Tachikara in the 80’s. It was like a superball! Great for the spiking warmup but not for much else!

  3. Eldo said

    Spalding had a beautiful white beach volleyball with the best leather ever called the Elite 18. A great soft high level ball. I think the Mikasa VLS200 is a fantastic ball and think it should be used for all social fun competitions both indoor and beach. It is just so comfortable and no beginner could ever complain about the ball stinging their arms. As a long term Molten man I must admit I have changed over to Mikasa. Tricky litle buggers to play with but very enjoyable and they last longer in the gym.

  4. volleydad said

    Wilson, he was my faithful companion for many years.

  5. Caveman said

    My personal ball (which I now have sitting on the shelf so as to remind me of my playing days) is a Mikasa white (now totally grey… like me) Volleyball.

    • Whosin said

      yeah mine is much the same – a white mikasa that the Sydney 2000 olympic men’s squad all signed for me. It’s now sitting in my study, not getting grey though!!

  6. Neil Cocks said

    I have a Mikasa Volleyball (VL200) that was made for the Munich Olympics (1972) and a Sydney Olympic ball (MVL200) as well as my own personal ball which I coloured some of the panels in my club colours when I was playing.

    Neil Cocks
    Mikasa Sports Australia

    • devo said

      If we are going to get sentimental about volleyballs, my heart is with an AP Sports CRX-1000 “High Spike”. It’s a bright green; synthetic leather. But it’s signed by my Wonnie boys (the ones before the Wonnie Super Team) at ASC in Canberra (1990?) after we won our first gold medal – defeating Heathfield in Men’s under 15 div 2. It’s not a pretty ball, I’d hate to play with it, Heaven only knows where they found it and bought it. But I treasure it.

  7. I love the new Mikasa ball we play with here. For setting it is fantastic, feels like it flies, and really light to touch. However I have been clocking a few more km’s this year, I think it is a lot harder to pass! 1 wrong move in passing and it’s gone, seems to be a trend at least in the women’s German League this year, passing the first half of the season was pretty atrocious in a fair few teams.

  8. Alexis said

    I have to disagree with some and say that the old Tachikara from the 80s is the best ball ever. When you set it it felt like you were just putting the ball exactly where and when it needed to go. Whether it was tough to pass or hit, I really have no idea, nor do I care!

  9. hugh29 said

    molten genuine leather soft touch. don’t know the code. the expensive ball that taught countless generations not to “kick the ball”.

  10. Neil Cocks said

    I for one did only cast one vote.

    Neil Cocks
    Mikasa Sports Australia

  11. Neil Cocks said

    I totally reject anyone saying I voted more than once. People who know me know that is not my style.
    Although I must say that I am happy and not surprised by the outcome as the new MVA series have been welcomed in Australia quite well.

  12. darkhorse said

    it’s not the ball that matters but the technique and skill the player possess to execute whatever skill he or she is carrying out at the time. But i respect that people have their favourites. My favourite was when i was younger and fitter and very competitive.

    • Troy M said

      you obviously have never played with one of the PE volleyballs made by Buffalo :P

      stand there and work on spike reception with one of those and I guarantee within 5 minutes there will be blood.

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