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Huy on skill models

Posted by devo on March 6, 2009

Our friend Huy over at Huy’s Volleyball Blog is a must read, and I look forward to  his feed arriving at  my computer. I don’t always agree with Huy, but he usually makes you think. Huy’s latest post is on skill models. Check it out.

Is there any other sport that has such a weird relationship with skill model?
You know you’re a real tragic when you spend your spare time (not working and coaching) turning up to other people’s training sessions to “borrow” their ideas.

7 Responses to “Huy on skill models”

  1. Robbo said

    very interesting read…

    i like ths comment “…It gives off a sound that would make any purist vomit…” haha

  2. devo said

    It’s intersting to watch old farts like myself watching a match. There is that little clenching of the eyes as every “held” set is not called. Ahhhhh. Not like the old days.

  3. hugh29 said

    classically “bad” technique always gives me the same sort of feeling i get when someone scratches the blackboard. you just want to cringe.

  4. markleb said

    I don’t have the same reaction to the odd questionable set although I consider myself a purist. I think people focus on only a small part of the rule changes and not the whole package. For example, as they relaxed the ball handling rules the main focus was the first contact. When I was a junior a legal contact on the underarm pass was defined as a contact with both arms simultaneously. That meant that a ball that struck only one arm was often called as a double hit (try to explain that one!!!). So while people often complain about how short the rallies are in volleyball now, they forget they have always been short. And for a long period in volleyball history, they were short because the referee would blow his whistle 3 or 4 times a set to call a ball handling error. These errors would then be vigorously debated, along with the half a dozen or so other balls that weren’t called.
    I am sure referees don’t miss those days at all. And neither do I. I regularly watch old videos to remind myself of this. Volleyball is a much better game now than it has ever been.
    And by the way, the last rule change on ball handling was in 1996. I know Devo is old enough to remember before then, but is everyone else ;)

  5. markleb said

    On a technical matter, setting with ‘stiff’ fingers will only make the ball spin if contact is not coordinated. And once the contact is improved it will sound more pleasing too.

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