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Aussie Girls on the net

Posted by devo on March 5, 2009

Correspondent Chau found this article on the Aussie Junior girls in Italy:

My translator gives this effort:

The Australian National Juniors on Saturday begin a European tour for three weeks that will be in preparing for the next global youth. Among the destinations selected, Italy occupies the diary commitments sports / cultural of the young Australians.

They arrive in Venice, where they will spend the first day and then move to Anzola Emilia. Monday the latest step in Reggio Emilia, as the guests of Giovolley that have planned a day full of commitments. Upon their arrival, in fact, thet will receive the greetings at City Hall in the Tricolor, which will be given a representation of the first flag born in our city, and continue the cultural tour with the theater Valli. Their visit then includes lunch at the Club Pigal and a meeting with some classes of the school Matilde of Canossa a cultural sport. To adequately represent the hospitality and warmth of our city, firms such as Parmigiano Reggiano Consorzio Tutela e Reggio Sport are giving a tribute to the young Australian athletes with local products and a T-shirt as a memory of their visit to Reggio Emilia.

At about 16.30 pm will be played a friendly against Series C under 16 Giovolley that will allow the guests to play on the taraflex at Matilde di Canossa gym. Invited to come are  all of the areas youth teams reggiani, technicians and all those who wish to attend the sporting moment.

And on their blog: The Italian Experience

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