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The 2 Toms up for Swedish awards

Posted by devo on March 1, 2009

tom-edgarSwedish Volleyball is reporting that voting is underway for the leagues top volleyballers.

Two Aussies have been nominated. Thomas Edgar, Linköping, is nominated in three categories: player of the year, attack and best new player.

Thomas Bawden, Lugi is also nominated for best attacker. Tom will be the league’s top scorer, provided that he kills 9 points in his last game of the season. (Check out how the other Aussies are going on the list)

27 Responses to “The 2 Toms up for Swedish awards”

  1. Anon said

    What was the best attacker in the Swedish league doing playing a division 1 qualifier for SCF on Saturday?

  2. ... said

    Hopefully bringing that experience back home with him and giving people a chance to share it by playing with and against him.

    • Anon said

      or keeping the kid who is actually going to play the season on the bench. You chose.

      • ... said

        I presume you mean ‘choose’.
        Volleyball as a sport will benefit from players who have experience in other leagues sharing that experience with those playing in Australia.
        Volleyball as a sport will benefit from expanding the horizons of those who don’t get the chance to have those experiences themselves.
        Individual players get the chance to measure themselves against others and learn how they can improve themselves.
        And if the kid you mention has any kind of motivation to become a good player, he will be excited to have the opportunity to play with someone at a higher level and he will watch and learn and become a better player.

  3. Anon said

    Maybe I’m old fashioned but it wasn’t within the spirit of the tournament and should be frowned upon as results from the tournament have directly affected who plays state league this year or not. If the program at Southern Cross is so good, why not let the kids play instead of playing recent honours players, or professionals, or people who aren’t going to play the season out.

    What sort of message does this send to that kid on the bench, or watching the game, we don’t think your enough to win by yourselves so we’ll just get these great players to come in and save you? It shouldn’t be about who knows the best players, but about who is the better team.

    Unfortunately the people at Southern Cross Fairhills are teaching kids that they can be bailed out if they get into trouble. It is a sad precedence that was set on Saturday.

    I wish Tom all the best this week as he takes on players of similar ability in a Japanese University team.

    • ... said

      I’m sorry, but I don’t follow. Is this ‘kid’ being ‘bailed out’ or is he being denied the opportunity to play. It can’t be both.
      From your last sentence it seems that your main argument is nothing to do with the ‘kid’ at all, but that Tom is too good. I am definitely old fashioned and for me, guys like Tom (and all the other players playing in Europe) should be actively encouraged to play when they get home. I think it speaks highly of the competition and the club involved that he wants to. Everything that can be done to improve the level of competition can only be good for VOLLEYBALL.

      • Anon said

        I’m not sure if your familiar with the set up of a qualifying tournament, but only the top two teams in this case went through. Therefore winning was the main objective.

        The spirit of the tournament was that only those who would legitimately play division 1 would play the tournament. This was followed by all other teams apart from SCF who called in 2 players who I hazard a guess haven’t played division 1 for many years and will not play this year.

        The reason SCF were in the tournament was because they as a club had taken for granted their position in division 1 and hadn’t performed last season.

        The ‘bailing out’ is referring to the SCF performance last year and having to qualify to stay in the division. The lack of opportunity for the ‘kid’ is that he will have to play the season in a division that perhaps he and his team shouldn’t be in. Basing their inclusion in the division on who they can get to play, not their actual ability.

        The players who were brought in, including Bawden, were to make sure that the team qualified, having no intention of playing the year out.

        This isn’t about stopping these players playing locally. It was only a few years ago Igor Yudin played a game at the SVC and the crowd was great, although it was on Honours game. That would be the appropriate level for a player of his caliber.

        This is about giving all the teams a fair chance to qualify, as SCF may not have qualified without players such as Bawden. This wasn’t a good look for SCF as it showed their true colours, Volleyball Victoria as it shows they don’t care about the legitimacy of their premier competition and Bawden himself, he didn’t need to prostitute himself like that.

        If you want to improve the level of Volleyball, have more people playing division 1 and let all the teams in, so the players can improve and don’t worry about the tournament.

        • Tom Bawden said

          Firstly to say I ‘prostituted’ myself out is offensive in itself. I have always played for SCF since a junior and did the majority of my development as a volleyballer there. I will always be loyal to my club and help them out when I can.

          Almost everyone in this conversation has said that my playing has been good for the development of volleyball in Victoria, besides you. Clearly you have a bit of an issue with this but it doesnt make much sense. If players are back from Europe in their home town and have the chance to play some state league, I dont see anything wrong with that. Can you not see that it is a good thing for younger players to see where they should be at if they want to play volleyball in Europe? What is the point in keeping players hidden away in Canberra for no one to see?

          I can tell you honestly after speaking with some of the parents of the kids in the team that they were wrapped to have the chance to be playing with myself. That is in no way blowing my own horn, but these kids are just so keen to improve at any chance they get. I dont think that missing out on some court time in some qualifying games is going to ruin their volleyball career. It would have been more helpful if anything, and worse if they didnt qualify and couldnt play at all.

          I think it is a credit to SCF for keeping in contact with all of their players playing overseas and jumping at the chance when they can get them to play for their home club.

          Before playing this weekend I did not even think that it would be an issue, and as Jase said, I only played 2 games for about 50% of the time. I have no doubt in my mind that the team would have qualified without the help of me.

          I’m not going to say anything else on the issue, I just wanted to give my point of view. I look forward to playing for SCF when I can during the year.


  4. Volleyball Athlete said

    I don’t agree with Anon’s cases about whether Bawden should be allowed to play. He should play, and it should be encouraged. I think it is great to see such high level volleyball players playing with quite a young team.
    This ‘kid’ who was on the bench will simply have to deal with it. I know plenty of teams at that tournament who did not have international level players on there team, yet still the youngest kids on the time saw hardly any court time at all.
    These kids should be happy they get the shot to play division 1; and for those who didn’t qualify. It sure does suck, but it is a step towards making State League a more premiere and select competition.

  5. Jason Pallant said

    As the coach of that Southern Cross team that played on the weekend, I would like to say that the team that played saturday will be the team we will be fielding in div 1 for the season, Tom will play whenever he is down from Canberra, because he cant make our trainings he will be playing div 1 whenever that happens to reward those that do make trainings with opportunities in the Honours side. Every other player there intends to play the whole season in div 1 for us, so I don’t see the problem.

    Even on the day, Tom only played about 50% court time at most, he (along with our first setter) wasn’t there for any of the first game (which we still won in 2 sets) and he went home before the last game which was later cancelled. Therefore to say we wouldn’t have qualified without him is quite harsh on those other players who played much more court time than he did and had just as much success. Especially considering half the team that played on Saturday played Div 2 or Juniors last season.

    If you ask any of our players that played on Saturday they will tell you having Tom there was a great learning experience for them and that his feedback and leadership was invaluable. It is not everyday your 15 year old opposite gets to have personal feedback from a professional player.

    I would like to congratulate Yarra on their qualification into Div1 for the season, we look forward to facing off with them in the season proper. I would also like to thank the other teams who played, and wish them the best of luck and success in Div2, which is shaping up to also be a very high standard.

  6. Robbo said

    Congrats to those teams that qualified for div 1, but i personally am against stacking a team for the sake of qualifying. BUT, i guess we will have to wait and see. If this SCF team struggles, and finishes on the bottom of the ladder then everyone can point the finger and say i told you so… but on the other hand, if it ends up on the high end of the ladder without the help of those Honours players, good on them.

    but Jase, if Tommy comes back and plays honours for most of the year, or comes back just in time to get the div 1 boys into finals, be prepared for the finger to be pointed….


    • Jase Pallant said

      By “those Honours players” who do you refer to? By definition none of the players that played on Saturday are Honours players, as playing that tournament rules them out for the first 3 weeks. Our honours team has been chosen and the players that played Saturday did not make it into that team, thereby making them our div1 team, how is that stacking?

      • Robbo said

        sorry Jase i meant that line as a general one. I have been looking for results or information about the tournament today but couldn’t find anything… I’ve just found the info tonight though.

  7. Anon said

    Personally I think SCF should be applauded for what they did with their div 1 team last year. Despite starting the season as a group of overmatched younger players, they persevered with them and the young guys who played a whole season at that level (despite not winning many games) were definitely much improved for the experience. If SCF is taking steps to ensure that these players and players like them have that opportunity then I don’t have a problem with it. The div 1 competition isn’t necessarily the most equitable competition in terms of qualification anyway, with the team that’s won two of the last three titles fielding a largely unchanged team over that time with no apparent intent to move on to honours or any real junior development.

  8. Jess said

    Who are these so called ‘honours’ players anyway? If you are refering to Marek, that has just come back from a knee reco and already made the transition down to div 1, by playing the beloved Warrnambool tournament with the div 1 team, then you dont have a leg to stand on. As Jase pointed out the honours team was already picked before this tournament was even underway, so every player on that court on saturday will remain in the div 1 team.

  9. DK said

    For what it’s worth, let’s look at the results as they stand. Last year, SCF Div 1 had a bunch of youngsters playing at level they weren’t used to. This is what happens when the entire starting 6 of a Honours team leaves, the young guys were given an opportunity to play. It took them a few rounds to get up to speed, but the team won its first game in round 7 after taking heidelberg to 5 in the previous round. The second half of the season had them beat Camberwell twice, Renegades and Latrobe, ie the other teams that didn’t qualify for finals.

    A: why should SCF, a team that in the second half of the season, in a rebuilding phase for the club, that has beaten ALL the other non-finals div 1 teams; be asked to qualify for a division that they are only going to get better in?

    B: how does it help these guys, having been competitive and won games convincingly against teams and pushed finals teams in div 1; to even think about playing div 2?

    C: given that, why shouldn’t SCF use the opportunity and every advantage it has to guarantee a spot for the season for these younger guys who are going to play EVERY WEEK at the higher level?

    D: why is it that this is the first such qualifying tournament that has been run for div 1 in over 15 years? What does VVI think it is actually doing in running such a tournament in this way?

    I personally think the right two teams qualified for Div 1, Mornington didn’t play well enough saturday (and as Jason Pallant said got beaten by the ‘unstacked’ SCF in two sets); Camberwell obviously have a problem in keeping talented juniors, what with two of last years team playing for Yarra, and developing juniors is the key to long term club success in victorian volleyball; and Phantoms need to do what pretty much every other team has done to get into div 1 and that is win div 2 first. It’s hard enough for urban clubs to fill 7 spots evry saturday, and that’s them only travelling generally maximum 45 minutes to get to Dandenong to play. Imagine compounding these problems with a 3 hour drive each way. Play a season in div 2 to show your commitment, then demand entry. Or ask Latrobe what they had to do to get there.

    Anyhow, the teams that played against Tom Bawden will remember playing against him. It will be a highlight, especially if players blocked, or tooled him to get points. I know the young SCF were honoured to play alongside him, or even sub him off, as transpired on Saturday. I personally think, given last years results as well as the state of the club, that it was an insult asking SCF to qualify, and that insult was felt personally by the SCF committee, who felt that to better the club and help promote the game, it needed to guarantee its place in div 1 and used everything in the rules to get there.

  10. Volleyball Athlete said

    I am going to have to agree with you D.K and Jase Pallant. The first round of SCF in div 1 last year, they looked like fish out of water. But towards the end of the season, they improved out of this world, and infact to prove how good they got it should be noted that quite a few youngsters from that division 1 team last year are now playing honours. And none of them played in the qualifying tournament.

    Anon, I think you need to come to terms with the fact that SCF deserves to be in division 1 and that they despite them having a high quality team, none of those players were honours players. They were, as the name of the tournament suggested ‘division 1’.

    • Robbo said

      I definitely agree that the boys in the div 1 team last year made a great improvement throughout the season. We blew them away early in the season but they put up a great fight when we played them towards the end of the season.

      I hear that quite a number of that team will be in the Honours team this year (which looks like it’s going to be a very young team). How many of last years div 1 team will be playing in the same team again? Because teams change each year, SCF might have had some freak players last year and they might not be replaced in the div 1 team by kids of the same calibre. I know we will be sporting a fairly different div 1 side this year (now that we’re with a team back in Honours), so who knows how we’ll do this year. Who’s to say that we deserve to have automatic entry into Div 1. It’s a hard topic, this one.

      As i said earlier, we can all look back on this at the end of the season and see how it all panned out. btw, don’t get me started on the team that won 2 back-to-back Div 1 titles and did not get put up into Honours. Was good to see them lose last year ;)

      but back to the SCF honours team, i will defniitely be watching closely to see how they do. Hopefully they can step up and show everyone what they are made of!

  11. Anon said

    Multiple anonymous persons, how confusing!

  12. Dinosaur said

    You do what you have to do.

    Probably was a bit “not in the spirit of the game” but I can see how S. Cross thought that a solid pathway for their clubs program is way too important too risk.

    Jase P….please….I don’t know who played, but read marek’s name. Marek is and always will be an honours player and will play there whenever he wants unless he is on the Gas flat out!!! He is way to proud and too big a Polish showboat (and I love the guy) to play Divvies all year. I think you were just playing with semantics to negate Anon’s argument. It sounded like a politician trying to spin, you didn’t need to – you guys were just protecting the structure of your clubs program. (It would be tough for juniors to develop enough to move up from Div 2 to honours) Let’s cut to the chase, the 2 correct teams got through – SC just made sure of it in a bit of a dodgy way!

  13. Bob said

    Marek has been on the gas flat out, he has been at the South Morang Pub with some other Polish showboaters, Ivan and Boris!! Pisda Sok

  14. Ben Cousins said

    The honours players included Tom Bawden (not sure the last time he played div 1) and Dave the setter, the other two guys who where class above were legit.

    If those two guys total more than lets say 10 games between them, I will walk nude down Swanston St. Somehow I reckon I’ll keep my clothes on.

    Yeah you kept your program. Yeah you have developed players that can play volleyball. But as Monash Uni have shown, its not all about winning honours, but about the whole program.

    Get a life. Look forward to round 1.

  15. Volleyball Athlete said

    ‘Ben Cousins’, you’re simply wrong. Tom Bawden can’t commit to honours training (since most of the honours guys are training twice a week) and neither can Jason Craig, the setter. Since they have a new coach, who is aimed at developing the club (Thats why there are so many juniors in the honours team)I think telling these players that they have to play div 1 sets a good example. In that if you don’t traim, then you won’t play.

  16. TJ said

    I understand the issues regarding club development and so on, but from a purely volleyball standpoint I am a little disapointed that Tom Bawden won’t be playing any honours games this year as I can still remember our (Monash Uni) game against SCF last year when Tom and Igor came down to play. It attracted by far the largest crowd for any round game, and was a great showcase for volleyball seeing these international atheletes competing at the highest level victoria has to offer.

  17. Take A Chill Pill said

    I think Anon needs to chill out just a little bit.

    The best way to improve as a player is to play above the level you are currently at. Gaining experience from the better players. It doesn’t even matter which side of the net your on, both sides will benefit from having these players around. Playing against experienced players is just as good as playing with them.

    So Anon if you played against Tom on the weekend then why not look at the positives and learn something your self. If you didn’t play and you were watching then be happy you got to see a higher standard of volleyball being played in victoria. If your just having a carry on for the fun of it then go post somewhere else. Last time i checked this forum was about praising good volleyballers in Australia and promoting them to the rest of the volleyball community.

  18. devo said

    I think that everyone has had a fair go on this topic. I’m closing off comments.

  19. devo said

    I am re-opening this topic for one comment. It comes from Dave Berry of Phantoms, and I think it says about everything that needed to be said on this topic.

    RE: Finals Qualification, player movements and the Qualifying Tournament

    An open letter to the Victorian Volleyball Community,

    On behalf of the Vic West Phantom boys, Horsham and Ballarat Volleyball Associations we would like to congratulate Michael and his Yarra Ranges boys for qualifying for division 1 state league. Michael has done a great job nurturing the talent he has at his disposal, and did a great job on Saturday.

    As for Southern Cross Fairhills Volleyball Club, we would like to wish them all the best for the division 1 season. With the team at their disposal, including such talented players like Tom Bawden and Jason Craig, they will be a formidable opponent for all division 1 teams and it
    shouldn’t be long before they are challenging for higher honors.

    We would also like to thank the Southern Cross Fairhills Volleyball Club for giving our boys the opportunity to play against such quality players. We don’t get many opportunities to play against players like Tom and Jason, hence the reason why we were trying out for division 1 in the first place. It was an absolute privilege and honor to play against them, and I’m sure Camberwell Cobras echo our sentiments. I don’t know about the Mornington boys, as they are probably still wondering why Tom and Jason didn’t play against them.

    Our boys will learn from the experience, and while we weren’t up to it on the day, we’ll bounce back throughout the year, and hope to see everyone next year.

    David Berry

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