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It’s only a small thing but …

Posted by devo on February 25, 2009


UPDATE: Apologies to Volleyball Australia – it does work in Internet Explorer – but not in Firefox. In other words, it is using some non-standard IE web code.  It won’t be working on 20% + of Aussie browsers

I’m a big fan of Queensland. Beautiful one day; flooded the next. Would love some of that water down here in Victoria. You’ve got too much; we’ve got too little.

Obviously Volleyball Australia think that Queensland are wonderful as well. Or that is the impression that you get from this image on the front page of the Volleyball Australia site. Been like this for a while. Not quite sure what they have done to deserve this special highlighting.

12 Responses to “It’s only a small thing but …”

  1. Luke said

    not sure if they are still down, but the player profiles dont work either and havent for ages. Nice work

  2. Paterico said

    Wherevr there is a light, the moths will be drawn to it. A site that is changing and constantly updating will continue to draw people back. Why don’t you do a poll daddy on what australian volleyball sites are visited the most? This has to change if we want to see our sport become more recognized as worthwhile and valid and therefore receive more funds. Why can’t we pull our finger out? How hard is it really? Thanks for your passion Devo.

  3. Dad said

    Working fine here, each State changes colour when you move the cursor over it- V.Cool, never noticed it before. Links working fine. Using Safari 3.2.1 on a Mac.

    Hi Pat, how is the new Mac going!

    Try a different Browser, or clean out your cache, might work.

    However on the LHS menu, the Partners especially the ASC and FIVB logos ,’overlay’ and obscure the menu list. Has for some time. Obviously different Browsers different results.

  4. Big Ren said

    Isn’t this Australias official web page….. last time i visited the AVF website was to have a laugh about the back dated game reports from Europe thats once in 2 years of being away.


    Family with a great setter, great libero and a great website blogger…. courtesy of Wonthaggi

  5. robboinniseko said

    yeah i’ve found it fairly disappointing when trying to find much information there. Thankgod for you devo :D

    People are definitely drawn to new things. I’ve been working on updating a lot of the information on our Falcons website and its been getting a huge increase in hits in the last few days. woo

  6. devo said


  7. Matt said


    Hope you’re loving life over there mate. Just to add/clarify on your last comment… My mum makes the BEST quilts in the country and Phill is adopted.

    Good luck at the upcoming tournament mate. I want another block like the one on youtube!

  8. Big Ren said

    Matty I need a nice quilt over here as i freeze my toes off….. will try and get you a big clamp too mate….. and the heavy warm up balls have definitely increased too ;)

    Missing all the Falcons boys too!!!!

    Huge weekend hopefully we can medal, definitely have a chance of getting one.

  9. Alexis said

    doesn’t work in Safari either- Chrome anyone?

  10. Jason Pallant said

    I can’t even remember the last time i went to the AVF website for any volleyball news,
    Devo usually has it up before they even do, and its much easier to navigate,
    good work Devo, they should be paying you!

  11. markleb said

    The only reason I would go to the AVF website is if Devo told me to. And that is the only reason I know that on my computer the little map doesn’t work either.

  12. Bob said

    Does the AVF have a website??

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