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Posted by markleb on February 24, 2009

I was on Amazon the other day browsing for basketball books (long story) when I somehow ran across a biography/autobiography of American setter Lloy Ball.  As a supporter of volleyball, I felt obligated to buy it in the hope that if people buy books on volleyball it might encourage more people to write them.  I didn’t necessarily have high hopes for the book itself but I figured at least I would read it, as opposed to the Samuele Papi biography in Italian that I bought for the same reason.

The one good thing about not being able to read the Papi biography is that is wasn’t able to disappoint me.  Lloy on the other hand…  It’s not the stories themselves but the fact that the ghost writer didn’t so much ‘write’, as ‘transcribe’.  So while it may have been entertaining to listen to Lloy over a beer or two, when the same expressions are rendered in black and white over and over and over again… less so.

But I’ve read worse books and those books weren’t about volleyball.  If for some reason it’s not at Angus & Robertson’s you could try here.

On the negative side, the photos in the Papi book are MUCH better.

8 Responses to “book review”

  1. PauleneM said

    Why anyone would want to read anything that Lloy Ball would have to say is beyond me.

    Probably should stick to doing what he does best, setting on the Volleyball court

  2. Anon said

    He never struck me as the most erudite fella

    • markleb said

      If the ghost writer used Ball’s actual words, then I can confirm that he is indeed not the most erudite fella.

  3. Dinosaur said

    Markleb … Did the Fire Engine ride over Sydney Harbour get a line in the book!!!!!

    I agree with PaulineM – He was a pretty self absorbed bloke, but I think he has a story to tell. They reckon he could’ve played NBA and he chose not to. Then toiled around the international Volleybvall world for 15 or so years to finally win an Olympic gold medal.

    Good to see a Volleyballer with an entertaining life story.

    • markleb said

      No fire engine story. Sadly no other stories like it. And he is pretty confident guy.
      Like I said, it’s not a great book but does have some interesting bits and it is a book about volleyball.

  4. Fogarty said

    Does he explain that “Anger is a Gift” tattoo? I asked him about it once and he was almost non-sensical in his answer..I am hoping to use him as an example for my kid when he decides he wants to get one…

    • markleb said

      He talks about it but doesn’t really explain it beyond saying he was young (and angry) at the time.

  5. markleb said

    I forgot to write, there was one BIG typo in the book. When going through the 2004 Olympics there is mention of having to play against Austria. The next mention correctly describes Australia, but…

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