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Best Aussie indoor player you’ve seen: results

Posted by devo on February 22, 2009

David Beard 55 23.91%
Dan Howard 54 23.48%
Ben Hardy 34 14.78%
Shane Van Beest 23 10%
George Santamaria 15 6.52%
Pauline Manser 14 6.09%
Ted Kalkoven 9 3.91%
Steve Tutton 9 3.91%
Kerri Pottharst 9 3.91%
George Mraz 5 2.17%
Anita Palm / Spring 2 .87%
Diane Scholtz 1 .43%

Well, I think we’ll call that a draw between David Beard and Dan Howard.

I don’t know just what the poll results tell us, but at least it got a bit of discussion going here on devo’s volleyball. Hopefully our younger visitors have a few more names in their volleyball vocabulary that they didn’t have before. And those not so young visitors enjoyed the trip down memory lane. (or at least those whose memory still works for them!)

In future months I may use the list in the comments to do a few biographies on some of the players from the past.

You can check out the full poll results, and the results of our previous polls at polldaddy.

Thanks to all who took the time to vote, or to post a comment. Another poll will come along soon. If you have a suggestion for a poll, let me know via the Contact Devo page at the top of the site.

3 Responses to “Best Aussie indoor player you’ve seen: results”

  1. nikkiBish said

    BEARDY won fair and square ha
    im probably a bit bias cause beardy is a monbulkian! ha

  2. hugh29 said

    it’s good to remember that Kerri Pottharst and Pauline Manser were once gun indoor players who captained oz.

  3. Rob said

    If I saw the poll earlier I would have thrown Geoff Hart in there. He was pretty impressive.

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