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Josh in Latvia

Posted by devo on February 16, 2009

Josh Thorpe has let me know that he is now in Latvia playing for Cesu AlusGoogle translation. Josh says, “They are definately working hard to get us to win this championship. Lots of new players and a new coach… We will see how it turns out.”

On their sponsors page – Cēsu Beer – is an interesting wager for the team.

The confidence of the Cēsis team is confirmed by an interesting wager between JSC Cēsu alus Chairman of the Board Eva Sietiņsone Zatlere and the most critical sports journalist – Arturs Vaiders, a representative from the newspaper Diena. The subject of the wager – the volleyball team Cēsu alus is to take a place in the Top 3 in the Latvian Championship in the 2008/2009 season. If E. Sietiņsone Zatlere loses the wager, she will award A. Vaiders 100 litres of Cēsu alus. However, if A. Vaiders loses the wager, the volleyball team Cēsu alus will be published on the front page of the Diena sports section.

We invite all those interested to follow along with the progress of team Cēsu alus in the new season, so we all can be witnesses to the results of the wager!

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