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Posted by devo on January 31, 2009

UPDATE: I played around with the theme and colors (Green and Gold) over night. I thought it looked “okay”, but there were some limitations with the theme. So we are back with “old faithful”.


Because I can. Mrs Devo says I haven’t got any sense of color. Okay, so I think that  autumn colors are good! I like a nice brown jumper. If you don’t like the new (more patriot) theme, let me know in the poll. I don’t care – I’ll change it back.

For those younger readers out there – green and gold has only been the official Aussie theme colors since Bob Hawke – he was a prime minister. (Okay, the Aussie cricket team did use the colors in 1899 touring England). It used to be more often blue – which is a much easier color to coordinate with.

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