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That moment

Posted by devo on January 25, 2009

There is that moment when you drag a friend – okay I’ll go – to a real game of volleyball. In their mind there is the school PE class game. Tipping balls over the net. The big one they hit one class. Or the game they play down at the beach with their mates. They’re not really interested, they’re going because you’re going. They’re hanging out.

They half watch the warm up. They get a bit more interested as the pepper becomes more intense. Then spiking warm up. The setter puts the first one right on top of the net and it gets pounded.

It’s that moment that they realise the power of the game. That moment gets repeated throughout the first set – the first power serve, the first great up, the first dive save …

I love that moment. A friend finally gets it. Why you’ve been into volleyball all those years. In a sense you are vindicated.

This blog post reminded me of the moment.

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