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Carroll wins first conference game in Hawaii

Posted by devo on January 17, 2009

Strong winds have created havoc through the island chain. Third-ranked Pepperdine’s imposing block and multiple-attack offense did the same in the Stan Sheriff Center last night. The Waves rebounded from a slow start to daze and confuse No. 11 Hawai’i in a 24-30, 30-23, 30-24, 30-22 victory. It was the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation volleyball opener for both teams.

Last night, Paul Carroll received 48 of the Waves’ 145 sets, and he hammered a match-high 18 kills. But because the Warriors had to focus their block and backrow defense to Carroll’s side, that opened the way for outside hitters Cory Riecks (17 kills) and Matt McKee (14). “A lot of players played well,” Pepperdine coach Marv Dunphy said. “And we had Paul Carroll to go to whenever we got into trouble.”

Carroll welcomed the workload, despite a left shoulder that has been “troubling” the past few months. “In the moment of the game,” Carroll said, “it’s not a big deal.” Carroll added: “It was a bit of a slow start for us. It took a while for my shoulder to warm up. But by then, we found a little more confidence. Everybody was able to attack.” more@ honolulu advertiser

2 Responses to “Carroll wins first conference game in Hawaii”

  1. Dad said

    Just back at the Hotel after watching Paul play in the second match (Uni of Hawaii v Pepperdine) Friday night. Pepperdine won again 3-1. Bigger crowd tonight than last night. approx 1700-2000.

    They do love there Volleyball here in Hawaii. Not only are the matches telecast live on one of the main stations, they are then replayed on the same night at 10,30 pm.

    Paul (The Thunder from Down-under) Carroll has been front page news of both the news and sports sections of both newspapers for 3 days!

    Paul was hitting at a very reduced power (for Paul), but was still the outstanding player and the talk of the crowd.

    It was a pleasure to watch him play.

    Got to go and watch the replay now………….

    Gee, you can get lucky on a “Volleyball-free” holiday sometimes.

  2. devo said

    A volleyball free holiday. Don’t you plan these things deliberately? I do. Or is that irony? Pssssst … don’t tell Mrs Devo!

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