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AYOF day one

Posted by devo on January 15, 2009

ayof-logoFans, curious beachgoers and even the New South Wales Police stopped to have a look at the action taking place on the shores of Sydney’s Maroubra Beach today as the Australian Youth Olympic Festival (AYOF) beach volleyball competition got underway.

The competition is shaping up to be a tough, tightly-fought contest with several teams still in the running to make the finals. Both New Zealand men’s teams remain undefeated after a day of competition … Play continued through rain, thunder and winds that sent the ball flying … Not to be shown up by their neighbours, Australian women Zina Stone and Mariafe Artacho are also undefeated going into day two of competition.

So now the question is – will the undefeated teams be able to continue their winning streaks tomorrow or will the pressure get to them?  Play gets underway on Friday at 8:30am …  Spectating is free with plenty of seats available. complete article @ ~ day 1 results ~ match descriptions

3 Responses to “AYOF day one”

  1. nathan said

    Just a random thought completely off topic, but from loooking at the FIVB site i’ve seen that China has been allocated as host for the Mens World Championship Qualification tournament in Auguat of this year. I was wondering if any thought had been put into getting Australia to host the event. Given only 4 teams attend, and the tournament would last roughly 5 days (3 match days) you would think that if there was ever a chance to see important high level international volleyball at a high level this would be it. Of course im completely unsure of the buget restraints we have at the AVF, so maybe it was just not possible. However it would of been nice, as well as a big advantage for the guys playing at home rather than China which is a tough place to play a tournament at times. Would love to know what other think.

  2. devo said

    most fivb comps come with tv and sponsorship strings attached, but I’m sure that Victoria would love to see more international matches – and we have the record to prove we can fill a hall.

  3. nathan said

    I’mnotsure if the qualification tournaments have quite so much emphasis on the TV and sponsorship aspect given there are the huge amount of tournaments playes, For example NZ are hosting their qualification tournament this year. And i know if they are able to host the tournament we certainly have the capabilities to do also.

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