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Australian National Junior Beach Volleyball Champs

Posted by devo on January 6, 2009

Australian National Junior Beach Volleyball Champs

6th January 2009

Thanks to correspondent Sally and VicBeach, here is a link to get the results tables for the first days play at the Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Champs.

Click here for National Juniors Results for Day 1 & 2 ~ Volleyball Australia page

11 Responses to “Australian National Junior Beach Volleyball Champs”

  1. Brett said

    Hi Devo!

    Apologies if I’m out of line but I thought as a volleyball blog you might be interested in the internet’s first college volleyball simulation game. You pick a college, recruit players and play a conference schedule trying to get to the NCAA tournament. Match and set wins are tracked by team. Kills, Block/Digs, Aces and Errors are tracked by player. It’s free to play.

  2. edbinnie said

    Final Results and placings have been posted

    Well done Victoria!

    just a quick call out – does anyone know why two of our brightest young stars, Alice Rohkamper and Becchara Palmer, were absent from the tournament? I understand that they wouldn’t be able to partner each other, but I’m sure that there would be plenty of athletes keen on pairing up with them!

  3. devo said

    Rohkamper played with Frostick?

  4. Schachty said

    I believe Becchara is playing the NZ tour this month with Tamsin Barnett. Preparation for this years world tour.

  5. Schachty said

    Off topic but check out the link from the Adelaide advertiser, taken from Daily Telegraph Sydney….,22606,24873735-5012985,00.html

    Apart from the sensationalist headline, they have a photo of Marie Andre Lessard not Sarah Maxwell. The media still cant quite get things right on volleyball, even concerning our most famous athlete.

  6. edbinnie said

    Hey Devo, that was Johannah, wasn’t it? I think she’s still U23s?

  7. Shocked said

    Sammy B and McHuge beaten quite solidly in the final.

    What are those boys doing with AIS beach?

  8. devo said

    Hey mate, I don’t pretend to know anything of the sandy variety of the game.

  9. Namstar said

    Alice played with Nat. Hannah is too old this year and was coaching.

  10. Volleyball Athlete said

    Does anyone know where we can find all of the photos from the Australian National Junior Beach Volleyball Championships?

  11. edbinnie said

    Ahh… thanks Nammy!
    that’s a pretty big result for Katie and Maria Fe in the U23 Finals, likewise for Legrand/Schumann. McHugh/Boehm were looking strong on the National tour last year, while Legrand only played 1 main round event.

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