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A Volleyball Scholarship in the USA : Part 3

Posted by bvando on January 1, 2009

What is a scholarship and what does it involve? Part 3
A scholarship is where a University or College is willing to pay your costs in order to have you representing their team and studying at their institution. There are part scholarships and full scholarships available.

A full scholarship can involve the University/College paying the following on your behalf:
• Accommodation
• Meals
• All books
• All tuition and University/College fees.
• All training equipment
• All coaching and training
• Travel expenses when competing (travel, accommodation, meals)
• All uniforms and training clothes including shoes & accessories

What you need to do.
• Write a resume: include coaches name and contact, volleyball achievements and academic results from year 9 – year 12. If not graduated as much as possible.
• Start thinking, collecting video evidence. An unedited video of game play. Individual skills and a very short personal talk.
• Start doing paperwork: clearinghouse etc.
• Enrol for Sat or ATC test.
The best time to start this is in year 10 – 11. This will give you more options than in year 12.

So if you are in High School,  have played for your State  there is a chance that a Volleyball scholarship is available .

If you want direct help which I think is better please contact Devo who will forward email on to Bvando

10 Responses to “A Volleyball Scholarship in the USA : Part 3”

  1. volleydad said

    The scholarship articles here on Devo’s are a great information package for anybody considering this challenge. Through personal experience I can add that there are some costs involved, they include:
    Annual return flights to the US by the athlete/student.
    IRS taxation on the scholarship itself. This was billed each semester around USD$750 on each occasion. (This was a complete surprise)
    Full medical Insurance for the athlete/student. Depending on your insurer can cost up to USD1200 per year.
    Spending money for the student/athlete. (Although permitted to work in the US via the student visa, work is impossible due to atheletic and study workloads) Around 1500 per year.
    The study levels must be maintained, if scores drop below a certain level, the athlete is prohibited from competing. Unlike the movies athletes are not given any leeway.
    Visiting parents, if your child is at school in the US, you will/must visit it is great experience for the parents to see the college system at work.
    After all that and graduation, no hecs repayments, a great education and the experience for the student/athlete is life changing. If we had the decision to make again after all the trials and tribulations, we would have without a doubt taken exactly the same route.

  2. Travis Moran said

    Its good to see that Volleyballdad expresses that opinion.

    A long time ago i had a scholarship set up to go to the USA. Some colleges are very strange in the way they go about organising it and providing details.

    I also found similar issues with the details in the scholarships.

    One of the clinching reasons in me not going to the USA was that portions of particular degree(s) will not be credited back in Australia. To what extent a degree is not credited in Australia depends on the particular degree.

    In regards to a decline in a grade point average
    – i remember something to the effect of if a scholarship holder’s GPA falls below the requirement of the scholarship that the athlete (or a beneficiary) may have to incur the cost of the athlete’s tuition
    – however, this may be waived for some athletes (which seems to be ability pending – i.e. if you are an NBA #1 draft pick).

    That all being said – i hope many young volleyballers consider this option. It is a teriffic means toward a degree and a pathway in volleyball.
    Many of Australia’s (past) best indoor and beach volleyballers have taken this path!

  3. Yankee Boy said

    As I have said before I think the US offers excellent opportunities for study and volleyball (especially for girls) as their are many many more colleges avaiable than for men. Also as a woman wanting to go ahead in indoor volleyball the oppotunities available in Australia are well below what you can get in the US.

  4. volley 09 said

    how good do you have to be to get a full mens scholarship? how tall, vertical jump etc

  5. Vando said

    I agree with all the comments above. Checking with players in the USA they do have to pay for IRS tax about $600.00 a year, Health insurance $1000.00 a year and Living expenses above and beyond board and food. Players ( some not all ) do get some cash in hand but not much. With flights home it cost about $7000.00 a year.
    As far as study I usually make sure course are able to be credited at other Universities but it is much better in the USA and Australia to finish a degree than transfer.

    If you no don’t keep your GPA up, yes you cannot play but then remember you are there for an education. For most players this rule helps them keep on track. Universities are not able within the scholarship rules to reduce payment due to poor academic within a semester they must evaluate and give you cause as to why they should take away a scholarship.

  6. Vando said

    Volley 09 :
    Not sure of the requirement but will but the amount of scholarships in to perspective.

    For women D1 can offer 12 and men 4.5 for D2 8 women and men 4.5. There are about all up 7500 scholarships for women and with only about 100 teams for men about 450 scholarships. I hope someone else might have the answer.

  7. Yankee Boy said

    As far as mens volleyball is concerned you need to be very good to get a full scholarship. Most men get a partial scholarship e.g. a 50% scholarship that covers half of a alot of things that Vando has mentioned earlier. In Division 1 Women there are approximately 320 teams and they have 12 full scholarships i.e every one of the 12 players receives a full scholarship (there are a few schools that don’t do this however they are very much in the minority). In mens volleyball they may offer 0.1 of a scholarship or 0.5 or a full scholarship but only up to a maximum or equivalent of 4.5 scholarships in total for the whole team. Why? read up on title nine legislation one day and then look at the number of scholarships (full) on a football team, approx 85. This has then led to other mens sports suffering as a result.
    So in short you need to be very good and it is a little hard to quantify as just a height/reach scale only.
    Send your video to some colleges and see how you go.

  8. devo said

    And you get a 1/2 scholarship just as the Aussie dollar crashes to 46 cents US and …
    But if you can afford it, the experience, friendships, future wives met is worth every cent.

  9. Yankee Boy said

    “future wives met”

    WOW, do you mean that you will get married to multiple women whilst on scholarship over there? Now that sounds very interesting. Vando certainly did not mention that little perk.

    I have to agree as the Aussie dollars falls the cost of topping up a scholarship gets more expensive by the day.

  10. devo said

    LOL – There were some “interesting” religious groups in the surrounding countryside near Matt’s uni, but I don’t know that polygomy was on their, or Matt’s, agenda.

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