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AVSC wrap 2

Posted by devo on December 16, 2008

Volleyball Australia is now showing the Champion Schools’ results from the Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup.


AVSC 2008

Brighton SA 591
Heathfield SA 569
Monbulk VIC 529
Girton VIC 521
Billanook VIC 512
Eltham VIC 510
Rossmoyne WA 510

Monbulk and Billanook move into the +500 club. Upwey slips out. Those voting for “an outsider” in our last poll were wrong. Brighton and Heathfield continue their dominance, but Monbulk and Billanook are on the rise and next year …

10 Responses to “AVSC wrap 2”

  1. Big Ren said

    Billanook 5th with no Open Womens Honours team or Mens team………. if they did may have been a little different.
    Plus the Open Div 1 girls missed on medals by .01 so there are a few more points.

  2. liam said

    yeahhhhhhh monbulk, next year we should have a good shot at open boys honours considering this year they were all in year 10 and 11, and there a few young guns coming up to open next year.
    im so happy about 3rd overall, big performance from monbulk and billanook, both fairly small schools.
    hopefully we can go up another place next year
    lets see what happens

  3. Schachty said

    I have not been to a schools cup since 1990 which was the last one I played. Obviously it has grown to the beast it is from those early days in Canberra. I do aim to get back there again one day. This event generates a serious amount of energy and enthusiasm these days. It would be nice to tap a lot of this energy for other volleyball events and projects around the country. I am sure it is a great spectacle. The tournament is dominated by the 2 SA schools that are now specialist volleyball schools with highly impressive facilities. Seems hard to beat this type of product. Can the tournament progress beyond where it is, does it need to, or has it reached its potential? Interested in reading any feed back from regular attendees over the years. I will qualify these statements with my lack of attendance for 18 years and mainly second hand info.


  4. hugh29 said

    I wish i got to go this tournament when it was held in Canberra. Apparently the facilities were better and it was a manageable size. It’s now become the volleyball jamborree. It’s not really just for the tragics anymore, but a lot of interstate kids that want the chance to go to melbourne. For a lot of schools (including the one i coach) it’s not necessarily about playing the best volleyball they can but other things in their development. basically, it doesn’t seem to be just about the volleyball anymore. there’s a new lowest common denominator to accommodate. how you do all this isn’t easy.

    Two venues 90 minutes apart from each other is not good, but i can’t see any other state with 40 courts in such proximity.

    The overall Cup itself is now a two-horse race dominated by two schools with (the resources to consistently have) teams in every honours event. The scoring system is such that schools with div 1 teams would need to finish 1st and for brighton and heathfield’s teams would have to finish below ninth to have a crack. It’s one thing to be in the 500 club, another to get close to the 600 ceiling. [it’s important to note that heathfield is probably no bigger than monbulk, so a small school can have 8 honours teams if it works harder and smarter]

    what the event really needs is more sponsorship. I’m surprised that such a big event doesn’t attract more. it’d be great if we could make it cheaper for teams to get there.

    Whatever faults it has, it’s still the best event of the year and the first week of leave i book out at work. With all the changes it’s still about playing better volleyball than your opponents to get to the top.

  5. hugh29 said

    also interesting to note that i think schachty went to morialta, one of the cup schools that no longer exist. like daws road – two time winner of the cup and the only school besides Brighton heathfield and craigslea to win it. sad that these schools no longer participate let alone exist!

  6. Schachty said

    Good old Morialta, Now is Norwood- Morialta. Cant remember when the school first went to the AVSC but it would have been close to the time of inception of the event. Like most schools we had some passionate teachers/parents who drove the whole thing. We had a bunch of players come through our school at that time that went on to state and oz representation. We also had the local Campbelltown Cheetahs volleyball club that we played for as well as the kids from Campbelltown high down the road involved. Another school with a name change followed by the death of volleyball at the school. By the mid nineties Cheetahs had pretty much given up the ghost so the whole area went from a hive of volleyball activity to none at all. Also remember sharing 2 busses with Campbelltown and Daws Rd High for the trip to Canberra, we had all our teams and support people on those 2 busses…..sounds quite quaint when I hear about the production of getting Brighton and Heathfield to Melbourne…..Much more hardcore trip to Canberra in those days as well!!!!!!!!

  7. hugh29 said

    To be on those buses with all those future stars! people like tania gooley, the schofields, bruce surman, leroy morrison etc might have been on them.

    I like those old stories about how schools used to share transport and accommodation. it was like a real community thing. When tragics run things there’s a healthy co-opetition, and it becomes all about the kids and growing the sport. I know heathfield still let other schools come along until recently. Willunga or Victor Harbor went with them once in the early days and St Mary’s went with them one year.

    Pity about the Cheetahs dying, i always wanted to play for them. at least they live on as the henley hawks, and still embody many of the values that Cheetahs had. Norwood is bringing volleyball back into the eastern suburbs in a big way now.

  8. laurarob said

    Just wondering if you know that Girton got told at the final presentations that they had finished 2nd after Brighton (Everybody was ecstatic!!!) but it was later discovered a malfunction had taken place so we fell back down the ranks.

  9. devo said

    The AVSC page at Volleyball Australia says the error was made as not all results were in when the ceremony started.

  10. Mitchell Collins said


    Little of a late reply just found the website would like to put a comment down that Greenwood from WA moved into the top 20 after finnishing somewhere in the 50’s in 2007 it was a massive improvement for 2008 the school won it’s first Gold Medal in under 16’s men Div 1 it second medal in history, the school was in shock for like a month afterwards. The school took 5 teams Last year and it Doubling that this year with 10 taking to open teams pushing for Honors Division, bringing Three Aus Squad Memembers, plus 20 State Players. The School has grown so much this year with the coaching staff having to Gold Medal State Coaches and Three Current Aus Junior Coaches. Fiannly there could be more than One school From WA, love you too Rossmoyne.

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