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Some more Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup

Posted by devo on December 14, 2008

Mrs Devo receives her 15 years award at AVSC

Mrs Devo receives her 15 years award at AVSC

Well I got a different perspective on the Schools’ Cup this year. I wasn’t coaching, I wasn’t driving a bus. I wasn’t getting up at 6:00am. I wasn’t going to bed after midnight. I didn’t have to worry about feeding starving teenagers. I wasn’t responsible for a team of volleyballers.

Instead, I spent some time in the evenings as one of the volunteers, and made some new friends. I still managed to catch up with most (but not all) of my old volleyball friends. My shifts were only 3 hours long, a bludge compared to the regular volunteers who do 7 hours plus. I can recommend volunteering to everyone. A few anxious parents and coaches with minor gripes are easy to deal with.

I had plenty of time to watch volleyball, do some Christmas shopping and spend time with my new daughter-in-law.

I managed to sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut (well most of the time) while I watched Mrs Devo coaching her year 7’s.

Okay, I did miss coaching a bit. But I figured that I did better than ex-Brighton coach John Tiver. A reliable source informs me that he was computer bound for the week – sitting in Adelaide – hitting the refresh button; waiting for Brighton results to come up on the AVSC web site.

John, I can recommend volunteering next year.

3 Responses to “Some more Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup”

  1. hugh29 said

    Hi Devo,

    Was great to catch up with you albeit briefly at AVSC. I thought seeing you in a volunteers shirt must have been a practical joke! i reckon it’d be a great idea to put more champion coaches and players into volunteer uniforms and follow them around with a camera as they try to solve all the sorts of problems you get at the tournament, to get people to appreciate what the “red coats” do for the comp. I heard this year was a lot harder than previous ones.

    You do get to know and appreciate the work of the volunteers a lot more when you live in “div-land” – there seems to be a lot more problems in division 1 and 2 matches and honours!

  2. devo said

    You tend to get less experienced umpires. And less experienced coaches. This is not a problem, but it means that these people have less experience to call on when something out of the ordinary comes up.

    Also, some parents don’t understand volleyball. Their child may be playing div 3, but they still think it’s the Olympics.

    But in many ways, being out in the DBA is more fun. 12 courts of noise,excitement and teenage adrenalin. Ahhhhhhhhh volleyball heaven.

    Another bonus of being a volunteer is you get to have a walkie talkie. You hear all the chat between the volunteers and the guys up stairs. I never realised how much effort really went into getting court changes etc done so everyone got to go home (usually) at a reasonable hour.

  3. devo said

    A practical joke: a lot of my friends laughed at me. I have broad shoulders. “You’ve joined the Nazis,” was a bit hard to take. What can I say? I enjoyed my 3 short stints. I encourage everyone to give it a go. Even if it does involve going over to the dark side.

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