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No Aussie Beach Tour for 2009?

Posted by devo on December 12, 2008

Volleyball Australia is reporting that without the AVP as promoters, it is unclear whether there will even be an Australian Beach Volleyball Tour for 2009. They assure  players, states and beach volleyball enthusiasts that they are doing everything possible to achieve a tour, but this may mean that for 2009 they deliver only an Australian Championships. But even this is not guaranteed. more detail @ Volleyball Australia

One Response to “No Aussie Beach Tour for 2009?”

  1. Tristo said

    This a bummer for everyone, but hey, most of us have good State tours to fall back on. Perhaps it’s a good time to make a push towards a more “grass roots” approach to developing beach athletes anyway. There is plenty of beach volleyball to be played. Have a look at this list of Australian state beach volleyball tours.

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