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Volleyball Aus site – disappointing

Posted by devo on December 2, 2008

For a while there I was giving the thumbs up to the Volleyball Australia site. They were doing a good job. I have enjoyed their Men’s AVL descriptions. It’s the next best thing to a direct video feed. We understand the costs.


In the closest year that I can remember; when the results for positions 3 to 5 on the ladder came down to game points, where are the points ratios? Just how close was it? Do Volleyball Australia expect us to go back through every game and add up the points / divide by points against?

I really don’t think our national body realise just how passionate we are about the game. Disappointing! Perhaps they should look at what an average US university is able to supply in terms of stats for their fans.

Not good enough Volleyball Australia!

UPDATE: Some stats are now available on the Volleyball Australia site

11 Responses to “Volleyball Aus site – disappointing”

  1. edbinnie said

    On the cover page, the feature story does indeed provide the stats, but that obviously doesn’t help teams in the lead in to the weekend – it only tells you afterwards. Very close – if WA had won 3 more points, then they would be 4, not UTS Sydney Uni. And for that matter, UTS Sydney Uni were 30 points behind Uni Blues.

  2. Secret Admirer said

    UTSSU were a much more beautiful looking team though. Did anyone see that Libero – Yaegan Doran. Look out girls! He’s also available!

  3. Annie said

    I have been following the match reports for every UTSSU game. I just wish that there was video like for the women’s AVL so I could watch my favourite player in action :)

  4. The Hoff said

    hear hear Devo.
    Give Devo a job doing the VA website… i reckon then it would be awesome!

  5. Yaegan said

    I will admit it, I am beautiful, much unlike the Hoff and his good friends, the Carroll twins.

  6. Troy said

    UTSSU are easily the most beautiful team in the AVL finals. Our only rival was WA but they were disqualified because they had that annoying guy who kept doing the stupid whistle thing with his hands.

  7. Whosin said

    Wasn’t Theresa employed to fix things up in terms of the web site? Anyone know if she’s in the middle of doing a major upheaval of the site??

  8. ooohhhh yeah said

    Or you could just go to the UTS volleyball website to see people getting hit in the head

  9. ScottL said

    I think we are going to have to wait till the competetion is over till we get some decent stats and videos. That’s just the way it is… give them to us when we don’t really need them.

    The photos on the AVL site have been good, but it took ages to get them up for the first 2 rounds.

    And not to disappoint, but wasn’t it young Liam Watson playing libero in round 4?

  10. Yaegan said

    it was half and half. I was definitely the most beautiful of the two however.

  11. Troy said

    Yaegan had twice as many volleyball shoes and half the trouble opening hotel doors

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