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Our latest poll – AVSC

Posted by devo on December 2, 2008

The Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cupthe jewel in the crown of Australian Volleyball, as one insider is apt to say – begins with the opening ceremony next Sunday. Then it’s a week of wall to wall volleyball. The Champion School competition has been dominated by South Australian schools in recent times, and that is unlikely to change this year. Or have you heard a rumour?

Who will come out on top between Brighton and Heathfield? It probably doesn’t mean a thing, but Brighton had the first vote up on the poll 15 seconds after I posted it! Girton got the second vote up.

Last years top results:
Brighton SA 607
Heathfield SA 582
Girton VIC 529
Rossmoyne WA 513
Eltham VIC 512
Upwey VIC 504

If you have never been to this event you have to go. Walking into the front entrance of MSAC in Melbourne, and being hit by the wave of volleyballmania, is the nearest thing to volleyball heaven most of us are likely to experience. See more at Volleyball Australia.

5 Responses to “Our latest poll – AVSC”

  1. Eldo said

    Can’t wait for next week.
    Heathfield is up for their 25 year award.
    We had some tertiary PE students do some research on Heathfield and the schools cup and they worked out that with 56 national titles Heathfield has won more titles than the next 10 schools combined. Brighton is next with 18 titles, Rossmoyne with 13, Craigslea 10, Westfields with 5, Daws road with 5 etc. Pretty proud about that little statistic.

    Hope to win another one or two this year if we are lucky.
    The competition this year will be fierce with many great teams there.

    Good luck to them all.

    Make sure you thank the volunteers who give up a weeks holiday for this event.
    No volunteers – no event.

  2. devo said

    I am in awe of the Eldos, Tivers and Fittocks et al of this world. Such commitment!

  3. Big Ren said

    Billanook College sleeper school………. could be an upset

  4. 2old4this. said

    ….yes..the volunteers deserve a big thank you at AVSC….look out for one court superviser on the evening shift…he’s probably forgotten more about volleyball than most people have learnt…isn’t that right Devo?????
    Can’t wait to see you in your official’s shirt….

  5. hugh29 said

    “The Champion School competition has been dominated by South Australian schools in recent times, and that is unlikely to change this year.”

    I think there’s only been one year in the history of the Overall Cup that hasn’t been won by an SA team (1989, the first year). It was Craigslea, then Daws Road for 2 years then all Brighton/Heathfield. To wrest it from the SIV giants, you’d need to have 6 teams in honours divisions and hope some of Brighton Heathfield honours teams perform badly.

    congrats eldo and heathfield on your 25 year anniversary – for all the great things your programme has achieved on and off the court.

    Seeing Devo in an official’s uniform was certainly surreal

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