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AVL finals teams

Posted by devo on November 30, 2008

The four teams who will fight out the finals in Melbourne next weekend are:

1 AIS 12 8 4 28 32 16
2 Queensland Pirates 12 8 4 28 28 18
3 University Blues 12 7 5 26 26 22
4 UTSSU 12 7 5 26 27 21
5 Volleyball WA 12 7 5 26 25 25
6 Mt Lofty Rangers 12 5 7 22 23 28
7 Canberra Heat 12 0 12 12 5 36

See match descriptions at Volleyball Australia; results and ladders at the AVL page

This is the way that the AVL site is showing the ladder. Sets – Blues ratio 1.181 c/w Sydney ratio 1.285 – I assume that are using points to separate teams, but it must have been close.

5 Responses to “AVL finals teams”

  1. ausvolley said

    Yep, that’s right. The ladder is determined by comp points, then points ratio, then set ratio if needed.

  2. devo said

    Are the points available? It must have been close. I really feel for WA sitting at home and not being able to do anything to alter the situation.

  3. Paul Prindiville said

    Yep, it sure was a tough weekend to sit back watch the games/points upload in front of our eyes. We worked out we needed another 3 points in games against utssu or another 6 points across the course of the season in the end to jump above them into to 4th. So close but yet so far!!!

  4. The Hoff said

    Wow… what a shock for our UTSSU boys.

    We played our last game against AIS thinking that we were already through on sets, only to be told after the game that it was done by pt% and we had made the top 4 by a matter of 5ish points…

    Can also feel for the WA boys, having to sit and watch from the other side of the country.

  5. edbinnie said

    Just a small note – I had a look at the cost of flights etc for certain teams, and it looks like they are twice what they would have had to pay earlier in the year – given how much traffic is coming into Melbourne that weekend, and also that they only have 4 days to book their tickets!

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