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Men’s AVL round 4 update

Posted by devo on November 29, 2008

Well, with play finished for today, and only 3 games to play tomorrow, here is the ladder.

Name P W L
Volleyball WA 12 7 5
UTSSU 11 7 4
Queensland Pirates 11 7 4
AIS 11 7 4
University Blues 10 6 4
Mt Lofty Rangers 12 5 7
Canberra Heat 11 0 11

WA can’t improve their 7 wins.
And tomorrows games: Canberra Heat vs University Blues; Uni Blues moves to 7 points
AIS vs UTSSU; AIS move to 8 points
University Blues vs Queensland Pirates; Pirates move to 8 points

The calculators will be out; the keys will be thumped to work out places 3,4,5 – and who will move onto the finals.

3 Responses to “Men’s AVL round 4 update”

  1. Hagues said

    Just plugged all the set scores in for the 5 finals contenders and did the sums.
    Unless i’m mistaken the ONLY way WA will not drop out of the top 4 is if Uni Blues lose to both Canberra Heat AND Queensland Pirates tomorrow.

    AIS, Queensland, UTSSU and Uni Blues all have superior sets for and against over WA in a tied 7 win 5 loss situation.

    That will be a tough pill to swallow for us out West. Very tight comp!

    Go the Heat!

  2. Graeme said

    Is it done on sets or points? Most comps seem to use points % – probably wont change the outcome though.

  3. nathan said

    I never remember an AVL competition being so closely contested! Great to see a lot of teams put together competitive outfits this year. I’m really looking forward to looking up the results of the finals round!

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