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AIS win weekend 2-0

Posted by devo on November 15, 2008

Two games in Men’s Australian Volleyball League this weekend. It was no surprise that the AIS won both of its matches against the Canberra Heat.

Canberra Heat lost to AIS 21-25, 19-25, 25-9 Volleyball Australia match description
AIS def Canberra Heat 25-19, 25-23, 2516 Volleyball Australia match description

The updated ladder is:

Volleyball WA 7
Mt lofty 5
University Blues 5
Queensland Pirates 4
Canberra Heat 0

Matches remaining before finals:
These matches will be played in Brisbane ~ 28-30 November at Brisbane Grammar School

  • Queensland Pirates vs UTSSU
  • UTSSU vs University Blues
  • Queensland Pirates vs Canberra Heat
  • University Blues vs AIS
  • Canberra Heat vs UTSSU
  • Queensland Pirates vs AIS
  • Canberra Heat vs University Blues
  • AIS vs UTSSU
  • University Blues vs Queensland Pirates

2 Responses to “AIS win weekend 2-0”

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  2. The Hoff said

    Slightly off topic, but i really like the AVL site… it looks quite professional and there are areas for a good amount of great info for those interested in AVL…

    Its a shame that a lot of the actual content is older, outdated, or non-existent – eg not many photos past round 1 and no videos of MAVL, and no stats filled in… I find myself visiting this site almost weekly hoping that some new content will be up.

    Perhaps the content owners could open it up for user contribution… i’m sure there are plenty of people around with good photos and videos of this years action and possibly even stats to contribute…

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