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Posted by devo on November 11, 2008



We clicked over the 300,000th page view today.

Lately we are averaging 340 unique visitors a day; 670 page views.

Time for a little celebration.

The table below shows the page views per month since we got under way.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2006 94 123 1,425 788 691 1,590 1,793 6,504
2007 2,411 2,183 2,576 2,659 5,378 5,498 6,951 13,129 22,597 15,616 20,050 15,462 114,510
2008 11,804 11,457 14,046 14,238 18,179 20,030 17,078 22,875 23,686 18,683 6,978 179,054

5 Responses to “Yahoo”

  1. Robbo said

    Amazing work Devo. Goes to show how good of a site you’ve put together! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Shayla said

    CONGRATS!! i would have to say im one of the 340 who visit this site everyday.

  3. Big Ren said

    Check it multiple times a day mate, if AVF could only learn OR pour money into your back pocket then AUS vball would be huge. Keep up the great work

  4. Dan said

    Well done Allan.
    I have one to your success.
    Dan and Mike

  5. DMA said


    I remember the days that your blog was a link from the Wonthaggi site, how far it has come! Now it’s the source for ALL volleyball news! AVF should take some notes.

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