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Posted by devo on November 7, 2008

I first saw Luke Hunyadi play as a junior.  One of the best junior setters that I have seen. ( Matty DeSalvo ranks 1, then Matt Young, then Shane Alexander and Luke close behind. BIAS? – Bulldust!) If the Volleyball Australia commentary tonight was anything to go by, Luke showed his class leading Adelaide to a win over UTSSU 3-1 in the 3rd round of the Men’s Australian Volleyball League.

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  1. Eldo said

    Great game Lofty v Sydney. Stuart Maycock has has significant trouble with an ankle this season but he had a couple of runs across the net making a big difference in the match. Pity Lofty has not been able to get more out of him in the earlier matches.

    I would pay big money to see him and Matty Vick in the same team playing. How good would that have been.

    Big big crowd which was a bit of a bummer seeing as Mt Lofty / Heathfield get their 200 seat portable grand stands delivered the week after next.

  2. mickmurphy said

    Luke played the best I have ever seen him play tonight…

    It takes a very fine match of setting to keep Brad Tutton on the bench!

  3. Travis Moran said


    It was great to see what you and Mount Lofty are doing up at there at your new stadium. It is great for volleyball.

    How much would you pay to see Stu and Matt Vick play?

  4. Eldo said


  5. mark said


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