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Swedish Blog

Posted by devo on October 24, 2007

I have added Olafsen Volley to the blog roll. I have translated it by computer – so don’t expect it to be great English. Martin Olafsen is Micah Venturini’s coach in Sweden.

I have also changed Kasper’s link so that it is “translated”. Have fun!

3 Responses to “Swedish Blog”

  1. Thanks!

    To make the confussion even greater I’m a Danish coach coaching in Swedish volleyball.

    In Denmark Kasper and I are involved with the Danish Youth Talent Project besides commentating on international and Scandinavian volleyball. While Kasper works for the Danish Volleyball Federation i work part time for Danish Eurosport.


  2. Kasper said

    Hi Devo

    The translation link for my blog doesn’t seem to work. Most of Martin’s blog is written in Danish like mine, so trying to translate it from Swedish makes a real mess of it, although a funny one :-)

  3. concieto said

    feliz contigo

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