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Steve Wallace makes his mark

Posted by devo on October 24, 2007

If I’m reading the translation right, Steve Wallace is making an impact with Swedish side LUGI in the Swedish Cup, turning in his best game to date against Team Valla. Team Valla, with 4 Aussie players and an Aussie coach, are being called Team Wallaby by LUGI! more …

2 Responses to “Steve Wallace makes his mark”

  1. Kasper said

    Hey Devo

    These computer translations can be real funny, especially if you understand the original language. For example, the word “hemmalaget” simply means “the home team” (hemma=at home, laget=the team), but worldlingo turns it into “home grinding goat” (hem=home, mala=grind, get=goat).

    If you need help with Danish or Swedish, please tell me. I may be able to assist on German as well.

    By the way, Martin Olafsen, a Danish coach of the Swedish team Ă–rkelljunga (with Micah Venturini), has found your blog and linked to it:

  2. I more than just found it.. ;-) I enjoy it as well and use it in an upcoming post regarding the recent FIVB proposal.

    Currently we have a discussion in Swedish and Danish volleyball regarding the pro’s and con’s of foreign players.

    BTW Micah is doing good on the team and performing vere well both mentally and on court. We play LUGI saturday so i expect a minor aussie clash upcoming.


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